8 high-demanded professions during quarantine and self-isolation

Aayla Shaman
4 min readApr 3, 2020


Pandemic is not a reason to give up!

Judging by the situation in the world, the coronavirus is here with us to stay seriously and for a long time. And therefore, the remote specialists will be the most demanded this year. While alarmists stockpile toilet paper in huge quantities, intelligent people begin to explore the market for remote jobs. Work from home is real! Aayla shaman advises you to pull yourself up and pay attention to some of these vacancies that we will offer you at the end of this article, catch them right now!

Quarantine as a lifestyle

According to medical forecasts, the coronavirus vaccine will appear in the best-case scenario no earlier than six months later. And in the worst-case scenario it is expected only by the beginning of 2021. It is quite possible that the regime of strict quarantine and self-isolation, which is installed in many countries, will last a long time.

Analysts predict a pessimistic scenario — the economic crisis will affect everyone, regardless of resident country and income level.

There will be a lot of victims. Big business is already suffering enormous losses — huge enterprises are ceasing operations, staff is forced to go on vacation with an open date. A small business does cope with difficulties that have arisen: small shops, cinemas, hairdressers, private cafes and restaurants have closed indefinitely and it is not known whether they can resume their activities one day.

Layoffs and downsizings of workers begin, sometimes they are quite unexpected. For example, the world-famous New York Metropolitan Opera decided to dismiss the entire choir and orchestra at once!

Surely you or your relatives, friends or acquaintances have already faced the consequences of quarantine and self-isolation. Only those who can work remotely do not worry. How to make up your mind on a wave of prosperity, when the whole world is in a panic? Aayla shaman offers to look for a new job!

Congratulations! You’re fired!

This is not a misprint! We really congratulate you! Now you have the opportunity and plenty of free time to do what you have been dreaming of all your life! And have you even had a free minute before? Work absorbed whole your life… And now, great news — the coronavirus literally pushed us out of a vicious circle!

You no longer have to reluctantly go to an unloved job and spend most of your life there.

No need to count the minutes until the end of the shift and how many days are left before the vacation.

Now you have the opportunity to become what you always dreamed to be! It is real in quarantine and in isolation! And do not grin skeptically while reading these lines. Believe me, someone is already writing a book now, which will subsequently receive the Nobel Prize in literature. And somewhere a talented composer composes a melody that will serve as a source of inspiration in two hundred years and in a couple of thousand years. And right now, one of the scientists is creating a special technology that will radically change our reality in the future. For example, it can save the world from a pandemic of any scale.

Someone is making a breakthrough right now, which will be decisive for our planet. And he or she does it at home, in plush pajamas and slippers.

And so stop sitting idly by! You probably have pajamas?))) So, go ahead! Remote work will be a real breakthrough for you!

Aayla shaman invites you to join our large shaman family! We just need people who can:

  1. Transcribe the video in different languages: English, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish.
  2. Type contacts in different languages.
  3. Work on the forums: publish the necessary links and recommendations.
  4. Add descriptions to YouTube videos in different languages: English, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  5. Rewrite texts in foreign languages.
  6. Copyright articles in foreign languages.
  7. Engage in freelance exchanges and job search portals.
  8. Assemble the video.

Perhaps you are the person that we need! Write us as soon as possible, and most likely soon you will become a member of our friendly community!

And if you have never tried your strength at such projects, but you really want to try, be sure to write! Perhaps you do not even realize what talents and abilities you have. Aayla shaman will conduct a diagnostic of your true predestination and will give you special recommendations.

If you are satisfied with your work and you do not plan to change the sector of employment, share this link with those who have lost their jobs or who are close to this.

Imagine, that this article can be a turning point in someone’s fate, someone’s start, it can save somebody from trouble or depression, it will give a chance to reveal the abilities and mission!

Do not take coronavirus as a black streak in your life. Think of it like a takeoff strip!

Aayla shaman is waiting for your emails. Even under quarantine, practices will not stop — you can solve any of your problems online. Let’s meet, albeit virtually, more often and support each other, because together we are a great Power!

Aayla shaman will tell about how to defeat the coronavirus in the next article. Do not miss it!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.