Aayla Shaman explains what the Power of lineage is

Aayla Shaman
4 min readSep 28, 2019

How to find the protector of your lineage?

Aayla Shaman explains what the Power of lineage is

Who is the spirit of lineage, how to return its goodwill to your family, what is the Power of lineage? Let’s sort it out together.

The spirit of the lineage is very strong. And very big. After all, all the power of the lineage is concentrated in it. For clarity, let’s compare him with the spirit of the house, a small spirit living in our house in symbiosis with your family. He is very positive. He protects the household goods and housing from dangerous spirits, for example, from the well-known poltergeist.

It is it, who creates a special atmosphere in our homes, he is responsible for the comfort and mood of all residents. He also likes to take a walk when he is sure that we do not see him. But with lateral vision, we often notice some kind of round fluffy shadow about the size of a cat, running from one corner to another.

No need to be scared — this is not a hallucination. This is the one who makes sure that household appliances do not break, the keys to the house or the remote control from the TV do not disappear. Very useful spirit in the household.

The spirit of lineage compared to the spirit of the house is huge. He can be the size of a nine-story house. After all, he needs much more power. He protects not only the apartment, but also your entire family — many souls dotted around the world.

Aayla Shaman explains what the Power of lineage is

How to worship the Spirit of lineage?

At least once a year (on the day of the Solstice or the Equinox) our ancestors gathered for family holidays and together thanked the Spirit of lineage for protection. They also asked him for help the next year. The elder of the lineage led such holidays.

Particularly I want to mention the prayer for lineage — one of the oldest shamanistic rites that our ancestors necessarily performed during the family holidays. We perform it at city seminars and retreats, where I, Aayla Shaman, call on my spirit helpers to help each participant.

Here is what my student Agatha says:

“We had a trouble in our family, family members on the female side were dying of oncology. This affected the older generation, and now it has spread to the younger — the niece was disclosed an oncology a year ago. I have three daughters. Can you imagine how scared I was. Although they are adults — older one is 28, younger one is 18, but living with such a “prospect” is just nightmare.
Five months ago, I turned to
Aayla Shaman, and she taught me how to pray for the lineage. First, the niece was removed from the diagnosis, the doctors do not understand what has happened. Second, my eldest daughter Nora gave birth to a healthy son. Third, unexpectedly for me family supported the idea of ​​gathering together not only at Christmas, but also on other days. For example, several times a year.
I am very happy about it! Aayla Shaman helped us! I’m even thinking, maybe we will pray together and save our lineage! Now I believe in the power of prayer and family holidays! I realized that our family broke ties and the spirit of our lineage left us. We will return him!”

If your family has a lot of losses, destruction and troubles, then the spirit of the lineage left you. You probably stopped doing the rituals, the spirit felt unnecessary and forgotten and left. Aayla Shaman will help you return it.

In the meantime, you can try to do everything possible to return the spirit of lineage by yourself. First of all, you need to make a special altar and place on it images of the gods of four worlds: Tengri, Ulgen, Umaш and Erlik. And also three more figures: the protector of your land, the goddess of the family hearth and the fire Choktal and the spirit of the house.

All these objects can be found at our seminars and took to your home.

But the main figure of the altar is the figure of the spirit of lineage. It was often carved out of wood by the elder of lineage. However, children can also draw with paints or pencils the protector of lineage. Or you can bake it, but you should depict eyes, mouth and nose only by culinary means, the image must have a face. I tell at a seminar more detailed about how to make an altar and a figure of the spirit of lineage.

Every morning you need to approach the altar, respectfully turn to the gods and ask them for protection for the next day. Only after this you can start the day and do not worry that it will bring you misfortunes and failures. The spirit of the lineage will protect you!

The power of lineage is what will save your family from illnesses, failures, financial difficulties, conflicts. To strengthen it, come to my seminars and trainings, engage in a group in your city. Be happy!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.