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Aayla Shaman
7 min readApr 11, 2020

Simple tips in the time of pandemic

Currently, everyone has only one question on their mind: how and by what means can we protect ourselves from coronavirus? Are there any proven ways to protect yourself and your family from this new insidious infection? Aayla Shaman suggests turning to the ancient experience of our ancestors and explains what shamanistic traditions and rituals can protect us from the pandemic.

Tip №1: Cleanse your house on a regular basis

Coronavirus can get into our house on a human body, as well as on our shoes, clothes, accessories. It clings to the smallest specks of dust and accumulates on the walls, furniture and curtains during airing. Washing hands after going outside and cleaning clothes and shoes thoroughly is not enough. It’s important to take the cleanliness of your house very seriously.

It’s necessary to do wet cleaning with Thursday salt daily. If you don’t have Thursday salt, you can use regular salt, this will help clean your house of the visible dirt, as well as of energy pollution that is invisible to us.

Naturally, in addition to everyday cleaning, constant energy protection of the house is crucial.

Aayla Shaman will tell you what should be done for this, as well as how to prepare Thursday salt. Contact her by e-mail, and she will help you protect your house from coronavirus!

Tip №2: Cleanse your body with water

Water is a special substance that can quench thirst and cleanse the entire body, fill it with life-giving energy. Aayla Shaman advises to charge drinking water using a special shamanic technology. Due to performing this procedure, water takes on the miraculous properties that will help eliminate any dangerous bacteria and destructive energy of the virus.

For doing it, you should prepare glassware (a carafe or a bottle) in the evening and pour drinking water into it. How much water do you need? Take 1–2 cups per day for each member of your family. Afterwards, cover it with a shamanic image so that it can transfer powerful energy to your water. You can choose any of three images (the goddess Umay, the spirit of Agda or the spirit of Siberia) for this. Water should be covered with such an image for the whole night.

And in the morning, each of you should drink a glass of this water on an empty stomach.

Remember that you should drink such water correctly. Clear your mind of extraneous thoughts and fuss, focus on something good.

Take the first sip carefully and don’t rush to swallow. Hold the water in your mouth for a while and “chew” it slowly. You should drink the whole glass of water gradually, sip by sip. Don’t forget about healing water during the day. Try to take a sip every 15–20 minutes. Thus, you can remove all harmful bacteria and the negative energy of the virus from your body.

Aayla Shaman recommends preparing the necessary amount of protected drinking water for you and your family and properly monitoring its use daily.

Tip №3: Do breathing exercises daily

One of the most powerful shamanistic practices, which is perfect for struggling with respiratory diseases and various viral infections, is “ouija breathing”.

Shamans are sure that the virus is an alien structure, a toxic substance that gets into the human body through the respiratory tract and tries to destroy it.

And only regular practices will help you strengthen your body and cure diseases of the head, throat, and thyroid gland. Your migraines, tonsillitis and viral infections will sink into oblivion and your immunity will improve significantly.

Aayla Shaman says that the air in the room where you are going to perform the “ouija breathing” practice should be clean and of the room temperature. Because when performing this exercise, you breathe through the mouth, so it’s very important to fulfill this condition.

The “ouija breathing” technique

  1. In order to perform this practice, take the most comfortable position, in which your spine is surely straight. Hands are relaxed.
  2. Close your eyes, focus on your breath. Try to free your mind from irrelevant thoughts.
  3. Shape your lips as a tube, and throw your head back, face up. Then you shape your tongue as a narrow groove and stick it out of your mouth as far as you can.
  4. Slowly take a deep breath through the tongue tube (it should sound like whistling and resemble the hiss of a snake). Imagine that you are tasting the heavenly nectar that is accumulated in your lower throat.
  5. Inhale, hide your tongue and close your mouth. Hold your breath, press the tip of your tongue against the palate and rub it.
  6. While doing it, turn your head in a circular motion to the right, gradually lowering it down.
  7. In down position, open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out as far as possible. Exhale slowly producing the sound “HA”.
  8. Open your eyes wide and pop them out.
  9. Close your mouth.
  10. Hold your breath, start turning your head to the left and then lift up. Then, inhale again and lower your head to the left and down.
  11. While exhaling, raise your head to the right and up.
  12. And then repeat the sequence of exercises from the very beginning.

Aayla Shaman advises to perform this exercise 6 times during the day. Such breathing will help oxidize the blood and destroy the coronavirus toxin that got into the body.

“Ouija breathing” is perfect for everyone, regardless of age. Both children and the elderly get excellent results. This practice is a perfect exercise for treating chronic diseases of the respiratory system of the body.

Inge, Copenhagen:

“I constantly got sick from an early age. Any cold turned into a lingering cough. I suffered from several such colds during the year. I was diagnosed with so many diseases, but the doctors couldn’t find the true cause. I underwent examinations in the best clinics in Europe, and I was even taken to New York once. My parents were very wealthy people and could afford it.

Unfortunately, problems with the respiratory system and constant bronchitis accompanied me all my life. But everything changed when one day fate brought me to a seminars of Aayla Shaman. The atmosphere in the group was so positive, and the shaman simply radiated kindness and love for each student. And that’s why I decided to register for an individual consultation.

I told about my disease and asked if it was possible for me to be cured of this sickness. And Aayla Shaman said that healing was possible in my case! I started doing exercises on that day. I had no idea that there were so many different natural techniques for treating people. Aayla Shaman taught me how to perform the “ouija breathing” exercises, which were a key condition for recovery in my case.

I got a lot of nutrition tips and adjusted my diet following the recommendations of the shaman. And once she prepared a special protective amulet in the form of a beautiful pendant for me, and now I always carry it around.

The last time I caught cold was about four years ago.

Breathing exercises and shamanistic energy did what couldn’t be done, I completely forgot about my diseases. Currently, I keep performing the the “ouija breathing” exercises daily and my husband and daughter do them as well. Health of all the members of my family means a lot to me.

I attend seminars all the time, classes in the atmosphere of love and mutual assistance help me a lot. And if I can’t attend the event, I read articles on the site and watch new videos on the channel, where Aayla Shaman talks about the ancient traditions and rituals of shamanism in a very interesting way.”

Tip №4: Take care of your loved ones

Coronavirus has threatened the life and health of our families and friends, including our parents and grandparents. And our first priority is to secure them. The elderly people shouldn’t go shopping, buy groceries for them. Call them daily, ask them about their general state, support them during this difficult period. Show patience, do not panic and stay sane.

Our planet is facing the toughest ordeal and all of us are under a great stress, but this doesn’t mean that all is lost. Let’s support each other! We have access to the Internet, and it can help us get closer.

At the time when the whole world is frozen in suspense, we have the opportunity to get our wits about us.

Spend this time to your family, learn something new, take master classes or trainings, do some sports or meditation, clean up your house or at least the desk in your study.

What protection from coronavirus does shamanism offer? In this article, Aayla Shaman provides basic recommendations for the period of pandemic. She gives many useful tips at webinars and online seminars, on the website and on social media, as well as conducts individual consultations for all interested people. If you have any questions, send a message to Aayla Shaman, she will be glad to help you!

And be sure to take part in the weekly circular prayers “Field of Love”. We perform them on Sundays at 14–00 GMT!

And don’t forget that Aayla Shaman and movement “Field of Love” offer remote work during the quarantine for anyone who seeks to aim their talents and abilities at a great mission — to stop this terrible coronavirus pandemic. Send us messages, share links to our articles and resources with your family and friends. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and be sure to follow all the recommendations of Aayla Shaman!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.