Aayla Shaman speaks about the laws of the Universe and happiness for everyone

Aayla Shaman
5 min readJun 6, 2020

Help others, and good will return to you!

What is universal happiness and how is the fate of each person related to it? How do the energy conservation principles work? Why do we get even more good from the universe in response to simple acts for the good of others? People of planet Earth have been asking these questions for many millennia. Aayla Shaman tells how the power of love and gratitude helps to achieve success, health and happiness.

Personal happiness

It is simply impossible to answer the question of what happiness is. Everyone has their own individual idea of this complex quantity that cannot be measured. Farmers of Dryland enjoy the fertile rains and the people of Thailand enjoy the end of the rainy season.

Ask the people of poor African countries about happiness. They will tell you that it is affordable food and clean water.

A homeless man would be happy to have a warm bed and a place to stay. A stray animal (if it could talk) would say that happiness is care and affection, the opportunity to be near its owner.

A woman who has survived a toxic relationship and abuse would say that happiness is safety and not being beaten. Taking into account today’s situation, many people on Earth will definitely agree that health and having those you love close to you is the best blessing.

But still, everyone has their own standard of happiness. Some people are happy with a carton of milk and a loaf of bread, while others are not happy with a million.

Aayla Shaman never gets tired of repeating that it is impossible to make everyone happy. But it’s very possible if you yourself become happy. Anyone can do it — here and now — helping others, giving all possible support and care.

Global help to the planet

Aayla Shaman, her students and assistants help everyone who asks for their help. Elderly people, children, lonely, homeless, those facing abuse and seriously ill. And even now, when people are struggling with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Aayla Shaman helps them find themselves, find real jobs and prosperity.

We should not divide deeds into more or less important ones. Neither should we divide grief into our own and someone else’s. It was Aayla Shaman and her volunteers who took part in extinguishing forest fires in Siberia.

The power and energy of a circular prayer “Field of Love” helped to cause downpours over burning Amazonian forests and fields of Australia, when the situation already seemed hopeless.

Efforts and thoughts, the good message of thousands of people united in one whole, have worked.

Every event or a prayer like this raises the level of happiness on Earth. They fill everyone with this happiness: those who help and those who are helped. The universal energy of joy and peace fills more corners of the world. It means that there becomes more comfort, protection and love around. Universal happiness brings success and prosperity to every person’s life.

You shouldn’t wait for an opportunity to be a superhero. Every little good deed increases the number of happy people around us.

The energy of kindness and care returns to you, amplified hundreds of times. You can start with the simplest things. You can start with complimenting your colleague! After all, good is very simple!

Do not be surprised if such deeds become a habit and vital for you. You will not notice how your home and family will change, get filled with joy, good luck and prosperity.

Food for the Wooly and Big-eared

In fact, when we help others, we help ourselves most of all. You can support another person a little, and you will be healed of the most serious illness as a result.

Aayla Shaman gives Jenny’s story as an example. She had a very difficult financial situation. Her ex-husband actually took Jenny’s entire fortune during the divorce. The lawsuit lasted many years. She had to pay lawyers a lot. Of course, all of this made Jenny very stressful, sleepless, on the verge of depression.

Aayla Shaman conducted a special ritual for the woman, gave her unique recommendations, among which the most important was to help others as much as possible. Such help should come from her heart. It wasn’t difficult for Jenny, because she had a good heart. Now there was no limit to her charity. Animals from the shelter became her charges. No one even knew that she often bought them food for the last money — instead of food for herself.

Many acquaintances thought Jenny was going crazy. How can one spend money on someone else when you’re about to become a bankrupts! But it was impossible to change the woman’s mind.

And behold! A few months later, she won one trial against her husband, then another. Eventually, Jenny received everything she had a right to. She was happy with the money, because it could be used to build another shelter for the four-legged friends. Or maybe even several. Jenny has big plans for charity projects. She expresses a huge gratitude to Aayla Shaman, who once put her on the right track.

How do you help yourself and your loved ones in today’s situation?

Help everyone in need, and the Higher Powers will thank you. This principle really works.

If you don’t know what you can do for others yet, start by participating in our online prayers and activities.

We pray for your relatives and children, for those who need help, for those in a difficult situation. Even for those who criticize and condemn us! We ask the Universe to send food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, care for the lonely, hope and faith for the desperate. We thank it for every good news in the form of rain over arid lands or reduction of coronavirus disease. We love our unique world in all its diversity.

Join and pray for a better future for all of us, for happiness for everyone!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.