Aayla Shaman speaks on how to let go of the past!

Aayla Shaman
6 min readJul 19, 2020


Starting a new life

Each of us once desperately regretted any act we had once committed. Despite a long time has passed since then, they still remain in our memories. Aayla Shaman tells if it is possible to let go of the past and become happy and successful.

Johanna, Hamburg:

“I was once sure that it is impossible letting go of the past and starting life from scratch. If Aayla Shaman hadn’t appeared in my life, I would never have been able to change my present dramatically — to become an artist!

My parents wouldn’t even think that I couldn’t follow in their footsteps. Since I was a child, I’ve had the fate of an economist. I studied at a premium school with an economic bias. My dad even read me the economics news aloud at home at breakfast.

I loved drawing and dreamed of becoming an artist, I was even afraid to speak about it…

I got a brilliant education, got a job in a prestigious company. From the first professional steps I was in a good standing, they made an example of me… But I did go to work eagerly. And in the evenings I was drawing like a madwoman, splashing out all my emotions on canvases…

My best friend invited me to a shamanic seminar. She had been telling me about them for a long time and invited me to take part. However, I was skeptical about shamanism and was sure that it was nothing. But one day I thought: why not? I don’t have any regret! From that very first time I hadn’t missed a single group class. It’s like I started my life from scratch!

No miracles have ever happened to me.

It’s just that I suddenly realized it was time to live the life I wanted! And that my predestination is a miraculous, inspiring, soothing and at the same time exciting craft of an artist.

Aayla Shaman supported me and made a special amulet especially for me. She taught me practices that give me the opportunity to say goodbye to my past forever. Energy womb cleanse helped me get rid of resentment against my former partner.

I was so surprised at the effect that followed! I’m still under impression! Now I actively participate in all kinds of exhibitions and art festivals. My paintings are in demand not only here, but also abroad. I have become popular! And that’s not all! I met a man with whom I am extremely happy!

I no longer wonder when my sad scheduled life will end. Because it is full of meaning, joy and success!”

How do you fix mistakes of your past?

We all make mistakes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But always remember that any unpleasant experience is an important life lesson. Here is the reason why:

  1. Any mistake becomes a great opportunity to identify a problem that prevented a person and their entire lineage from becoming happy, wealthy, and successful. Only by making mistakes can we discover the weaknesses of our character, health and life. And the future of the whole lineage depends on how the problem is solved.
  2. Character is formed on the basis of our mistakes throughout life. A person learns to walk, talk, and establish relationships with others. Sometimes they stumble, fall, make mistakes and get disappointed in something. But as a result, they change, become wiser, lose their illusions.
  3. Mistakes make it clear that there is not only one way to solve the problem. There are many variants of correct answers, and thanks to the “cut and try method”, the obtained knowledge and personal experience, a person can step to the next level of spiritual development.
  4. Mistakes activate the sleeping capacity of our brain, forcing it to act actively in search of answers. And it finds unique new solutions to the problem. If a person passes this stage of development correctly, all unpleasant emotions and memories will disappear, leaving the most valuable knowledge and spiritual harmony.
  5. Flexible thinking arises as a result of self-improvement, performance of spiritual shamanic practices.

When a person does not set their sole goal to change their past, but tries to learn to assess the situation from different angles, to reconstruct from one way of decision to another timely, they easily open horizons of possibilities for them.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, lineage traditions have been lost. We receive wise advice on how to let go of our past, how to change life, how to create a strong and happy family, how to raise children properly very rarely.

A tribal elder or a shaman helped solving these issues long time ago.

Aayla Shaman revives the oldest traditions of shamanism. All her events: individual consultations, seminars, online classes are imbued with the spirit of shamanic teachings. She conducts rituals and practices that provide an opportunity to overcome false feelings of guilt, extend resentments and suffering.

The “Grounding” practice

Aayla Shaman recommends you to do this practice in the evenings, most effectively if you do it outside. In advance, find a peg or something similar, but necessarily made of metal, inserted in the ground near the house.

Put both hands around it and focus on the fact that all negative energy flows through your body into the bowels of the earth. Try to breathe deeply and calmly, letting go of unpleasant memories.

If you can’t do this outside, use metal household items, whether it’s a metal water faucet or metal ladder handrails. Also, focus on sending all your accumulated resentment and trouble straight into the ground with your own hands.

This practice is performed during about 5 minutes. You don’t have to watch the time very strictly. Trust your feelings, and you will feel it when it is time to finish at the subconscious level.

It will make you feel good and calm. All obsessive and disturbing thoughts will go away from your head.

After performing this exercise, wash your hands well under flowing water and start breathing practices. For example, make full yogic breathing. It gives an opportunity to restore mental balance and fills you with positive energy. If you have never done these breathing practices and meditations of healing before and do not know how to do it, attend Aayla Shaman’s seminar. She will definitely help you.

Charm on water

Another exercise from Aayla Shaman, which will help you let go of your past, is a charm on water. It’s not difficult to do, but it’s very effective.

You need to turn on the tap water for the charm. It should go in a squirt. At the same time, speak out loud all your problems and troubles that worry you and do not let you relax.

After telling about all your sorrows, ask the water to take away all negative things from your life. It is a simple but very effective practice.

You should never give up or lose your heart no matter what happens. There’s no need to be afraid of life changes. The universe gives you a chance to find happiness, wealth, success and health every second.

What is most important is your aspiration for self-improvement, development, new knowledge, and disclosure of your energy potential received from the Higher Forces at birth.

Aayla Shaman will gladly give answers to any of your questions, help you overcome difficulties, assess your mistakes correctly, free your heart from depressing thoughts about the past. Attend the seminars, take part in them!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.