Defender of the Lineage: How to get help from spirits

Aayla Shaman
6 min readAug 15, 2020

And recover prosperity, fortune and health

When we face such problems as sickness of the relatives, troubles at work, money problems or harmed relationships with relatives, we always need help. This means we just need a Defender of the Lineage. Shaman Ayala will help us to restore a power of the Lineage, return the defender, and teach how to become a high achiever and happy person.

Why do we lose luck and powers?

In ancient times, after having hunted a wild animal, the hunter made a scarecrow out of its head and turned to the shaman so that the latter would put a defender spirit into it. This spirit became the guardian of the whole Lineage, helped in the hunt and supported the sound health of all members of the tribe. The spirit passed from generation to generation, he was honored and listened to, he brought good luck to the whole Lineage. In after years, this shamanistic tradition was almost forgotten.

Each and every day we face various problems. We just cannot influence some of them without assistance. The problems occur irrespective of our desire and can influence badly not only our businesses, but also cause considerably more harm.

If there is no defender for your Lineage for some reason, you and everyone who belongs to your Lineage can have a hard time. Because in such case the spirits of the Lower World — the spirits of illness, condemnation and fear attack you more often. Fortune, success, health and prosperity leave your Lineage. And only a real professional can help you to turn this around.

Ayala shaman conducts specialized seminars, trainings and individual practices on restoring the power of the Lineage and returning its defender. She teaches how to interact with the defender correctly, to understand his signs, to hear his advice and to thank him.

The author’s course of the shaman Ayala ”The Power of Lineage”, in which she teaches on how to recover the powers of the Lineage, attract spiritual defenders, cleanse the karma and many other things, is devoted to the above. This course was created as the Ayala’s answer to thousands of questions asked by students from all over the world. It is based on the ancient knowledge of shamanism, respect for ancestors, love to the surrounding world and the internal world of the person, and the personal experience of the shaman Ayala.

Sign up for the course of Ayala, and the defender of the Lineage will return, protect your Lineage from the spirits of the Lower World and suggest the correct solutions.

What is the power of Lineage:

Each person is part of his or her Lineage and can be compared to a leaf on a tree. The trunk and roots are our ancestors. And leaflets and twigs are our descendants. Together we form a tree of the Lineage. Subsequently, the bad and good deeds of our ancestors influence our lives, and together with them we influence the fate of the unborn children of our Lineage.

In order to make our Lineage powerful and to avoid failure, illness and poverty for ourselves and our descendants, we must strengthen our Lineage by special shamanic rituals. We should correct the karmic mistakes of the ancestors and recover the well-being of the Lineage. You will learn about all this in detail at the Ayala shaman’s classes.

Alice, Manchester:

“I could not get along well with my family since my childhood. I have been fighting with my parents and my sister constantly. I did not even have any friends. And I dreamed so much of a big friendly family, in which everyone stands by each other. But alas, our family was far from ideal.

Besides, the health of almost all the relatives has been extremely fragile. And in our family, no one ever had any luck. For example, my elder sister’s first love ended sadly. Once her boyfriend just did not return from work; he moved to another girl. He left a bunch of variegated socks and debts as a souvenir.

My relatives used to get into some dark stories, brake their arms and legs, loose keys and bank cards constantly. Their cars have been breaking down and apartments have been burning. In other words, everything in our family was terrible.

Of course, I did not expect any allowances from my fate. I lived a nondescript life, had a nondescript job and kept loosing or breaking something from time to time…

But once a colleague invited me to a seminar on shamanism. It was incredible! No one of the colleagues has ever invited me even for the lunch before! I was shocked and, of course, I agreed immediately. This seminar marked a turning point in my life …

Ayala Shaman distinguished me from the other participants immediately. My life energy really bothered her. After class, she invited me to come to her for an individual practice.

She studied all my previous incarnations and the past of my Lineage carefully, and found out shocking things.

Two generations ago, a tragedy occurred in our family. My great-grandfather left his family, committed a terrible crime and, unknowingly, expelled the spirit of our Lineage. And since that time, our entire family has been constantly attacked by the spirits of the Lower World. All the family members have no luck in any undertakings, we are unhappy in marriage and have very poor health. It is because the defender of the Lineage cannot return without our help.

Ayala Shaman conducted a special ritual, and defender of the Lineage returned. All members of our family felt the changes immediately, but all in the different way. Still, the result was the same — each of us found happiness and the health problems disappeared.

And my bosses suddenly noticed me. From an ordinary clerk, I became a head accountant in two years! And I feel that there is more to come, because I am capable of more!

At the moment the defender of the Lineage sealed all loopholes for the spirits of the Lower World firmly and our family’s things started looking up. I became a regular participant of classes in our city in order to nourish myself and the defender spirit with bright strong energy.

Moreover, Ayala shaman created a special amulet for me that makes my defense stronger. It has already helped me in various situations many times — it is the sacred power of shamanic amulets.

The most serious incident occurred a year ago. I was going for a business trip to the other part of the country. And suddenly I felt that my amulet was heating up, but I didn’t pay much attention to this.

But when I left the house, something jammed in the elevator, and as the result I was late for the flight. And when I finally got to the airport, it turned out that the plane on which I was supposed to fly caught on fire right on the takeoff runway. Many passengers received burns and carbon monoxide poisoning. That was really terrible!

So the defender of the Lineage and amulet saved me from this terrible tragedy. Ayala Shaman became not only the tutor, but also a savior for me. Because, without her help, my life and the life of my family would never have changed so stunningly.”

Get your power back

If you have no purpose, you are unhappy, cannot get rid of the problems, repetitive scenarios, don’t understand your soul’s purpose and all the aforesaid is common for your family — it’s high time to stop and think everything over before it is too late! This means that the defender of your Lineage isn’t working fine in your family, and he needs to be called back urgently!

How to do it?

  1. Run the diagnostics of your Lineage to find out the roots of the problem.
  2. Restore the tradition of family holidays. Get together with your family at the holiday table at least several times a year. Talk to each other and support your family members. If your defender spirit makes sure that your family is friendly and united, he will definitely return to you.
  3. Ask Ayala shaman for help. She will perform the necessary rituals and return your defender spirit.

Sign up for our events and invite all your friends and acquaintances! Share this information with those who need it! And you will find happiness!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.