Energy womb cleanse: how it works

Aayla Shaman tells about an important ritual that every woman needs

Rituals for preserving youth and health for women

The womb is a special vessel that can be filled with different types of energy. If it is positive, a woman will be healthy and happy, get pregnant and bear a healthy child without any problem. She also gives her man strength, helping him energetically. The life of such couple is always harmonious, filled with love and meaning.

1. Your clothing

Every woman likes to receive compliments and catch the glances of members of the opposite sex. Such positive emotions make a woman blossom, look even better. And this is a normal desire.

2. Therapeutical Lakshmi tampons

At her workshops Aayla Shaman teaches women to preserve beauty and health with the help of nature and its generous gifts in the form of herbs and decoctions. Women gain knowledge about the effects of various flowers and herbs, their compatibility and beneficial effects on the female body. For maximum effect it is important to harvest them at a certain time and prepare them correctly.

3. Cleaning water

Female energy needs not only to cleanse the mind, but also to take care of the body. Baths with herbs and salt give a positive effect. Bathhouse lovers should indulge themselves in brooms made of pine needles or with the addition of fir tree twigs.

4. Energy womb cleanse ritual

Each woman is recommended to conduct it. Women who have just broken up with their partner especially need a cleanse. As well as those who are divorced or have experienced a partner’s infidelity. Contact Aayla Shaman to get over your ex, to get rid of the negativity and resentments of the past, jealousy, hatred for the new woman of your man.



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Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.