How do you defeat the spirit of criticism?

Aayla Shaman
8 min readAug 1, 2020

Aayla Shaman will protect you from the dangerous monster

It happens that the closest and dearest people suddenly begin to behave inadequately. Angry, offended, screaming, jealous. What’s that? Bad character? Psychological problems? No, it means the person is taken over by the spirit of criticism. Aayla Shaman will tell you how to protect from a horrible entity.

The look of the spirit of criticism

Huge claws, a long tongue with a claw on its end — this is how shamans describe the appearance of the spirit of criticism and condemnation. The disgusting entity resembles a giant crab that wraps its numerous claws around a person’s face and sinks into it. With its long tongue it penetrates into the mouth and tries to reach the very heart, the soul of the victim. As soon as it succeeds, the man finds himself in its full power.

The spirit of criticism is a living creature like a man, this is why it is hungry.

As a delicacy it needs emotions, many negative emotions!

Every day it demands more and more “food”, forcing its victim to be hysterical, to judge, to offend others, to do nasty and mean things.

Aayla Shaman says that a man taken by the spirit is not able to assess adequately the surrounding reality. For example, you tell the man what you love him. He thinks that you’re trying to deceive him, thinking something terrible against him. So in response to the words of love, you hear only endless reproaches. The man does not feel a monster inside him and does not understand that he is a prisoner of its clutching claws.

Is it possible to see this nasty entity on a man? Only shamans can see the body of the spirit of criticism in detail, but people with developed intuition also have the gift to feel evil entities. Little children are also able to do it. Their pure souls see the entity, understand whether they are evil or good.

With age, this gift is lost. As strange as it may seem, but it is the life experience, knowledge and immersion in the flow of information block it. Only spiritual practices and shamanism help to return the lost abilities.

If you meet a person enslaved by the spirit of criticism, you can immediately understand that something is wrong. You will feel that the color of their face is some kind of gray or brown. Although on the outside it will be the same as yesterday and on other days. The reason for the change in color is that there is a spirit of condemnation on his face.

How the spirit of criticism captures a person

The longer the spirit lives in a man, the stronger it’s power over him and the harder it is to reach out to the real person. Their heart is completely in the grip of the huge claws. We try to reach out to our child, loved one, parents, friend, but without success. They can’t hear us. There’s a terrible, unemotional flat-eyed mask on their face. It means that the man is completely in the power of the spirit of criticism, looking at the world and people through the body of the spirit.

Having reached a huge size, the spirit of criticism does not stop, it wants to reproduce.

How does that happen? We enter into a dispute with a person, try to prove them our love or gratitude, cry, persuade, look for the right words … But they can not hear us. The awareness of helplessness, that we are not believed and condemned, hurts us. We do not know that there is an evil spirit of criticism behind their actions and words. We think that we have our beloved person in front of us. At that moment we are trapped by the spirit.

Each of our doubts brings the spirit closer and closer to us so it can put its cub on us. So far it is very young and cannot hurt us, but it is already feeding on our feelings and trying to fix itself on our face. He waits for our resentment and condemnation.

If you are in contact with a person who is enslaved by the spirit of criticism, try to avoid negative reactions. Your defense is in shamanic prayer and a special amulet. Seek the helper spirits for support.

How to protect yourself

“You, shamans, are strong. Why are you wearing amulets?” — Aayla Shaman is often asked this question at seminars and during trips to the Places of Power. The reason is simple. We all live in difficult times. We are surrounded by a huge number of different spirits, both good and bad.

Under the influence of negative energy, uninterrupted news flow, evil spirits don’t stop growing. Positive energy of shamans attracts them, they are eager to capture and use it.

Only thanks to amulets a shaman can protect themselves from constant attacks and save strength to help other people. Each amulet performs its task: some protect health, others help in work, still others — in communication with people, etc. Even when the shaman is in the area of natural disasters or surrounded by a large number of different people, assistant spirits and guardian angels protect the energy field of the shaman from negative impact.

Any person can get such strong spiritual protection. You may not believe or treat spirits with skepticism, but knowing about their evil nature, only in your power to protect yourself. Aayla Shaman can find amulets for you and your family members at a seminar or during personal consultation. They will protect you from evil spirits, strengthen your intuition, and return harmony and happiness to your heart.

Treat the Object of Power with special respect and do not take it off. Then the guardian angels will protect you from problems.

How do you understand that man is under shamanic protection? I am sure you have met bright and happy people with incredible positive energy. What happened to them? A promotion? Had a good date? Probably all together! When a man is guarded by helper angel, the whole world helps them realize their desires. The person shines from positive energy and radiates it.

It is likely that, apart from wearing amulets, this person is engaged in self education, studies shamanism and practices spiritual rituals that reveal their potential.

How do you help your loved one?

“Is he crazy, or is he having psychological problems?” That’s what we think when we see a loved one behaving inappropriately or aggressively. What should we do? How do we save our loved person? Bring them to Aayla Shaman’s seminar! What if your loved one resists? You can’t force them!

In this case, you can come to the seminar with their picture or send it by mail. Aayla Shaman will understand at a glance how much the spirit of criticism has enslaved the man.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to solve a problem from a distance. Then you have to do your best to bring the person to a personal consultation or a big seminar, where the strongest prayers for health, peace and love take place. Surrounded by the incredibly powerful positive energy of the people present there, the spirit of criticism will be defeated and destroyed.

Shamans have been given the gift of seeing monsters, entities and spirits since childhood. Thanks to the strong support of their ancestors, they have different ways of fighting the spirits of the Lower World, the Dark Forces and know how to expel them.

The spirit of criticism is certainly dangerous and scary, but with the power gained during seminars at the Places of Power, you can confront evil entities. It is enough to attend retreats four times a year to fill your aura with positive protective energy and strength.

Remember that when you meet a person who is enslaved by the spirit of criticism, you do not need to criticize them. The best thing you can do is to pray for them. Shamanic words destroy the power of the spirit of criticism, make it weaker.

Isolde, Berlin:

“I still can’t believe in things that happened and I’m happy that I met Aayla Shaman. Three years ago, my husband got the much-anticipated promotion to the position of the head of department. For the first week, he literally shone with joy. He had a million plans and ideas. Every night he told me about recruiting new employees, about interesting interviews he had planned. It was the happiest time of our lives.

And then something changed. MY husband was annoyed and angry with everything. Neither I nor the kids could understand the mood of their father when he came from work. What he wouldn’t like this time: dinner, kids playing too loud, me talking on the phone with a friend.

My daughter once said that an evil monster had settled in Daddy.

Of course, I thought it was only a child’s fantasy, but still got scared. I didn’t recognize my husband anymore. From a smart and calm man he turned into a real flat-eyed madman..

My sister, seeing my confusion, advised me to send my husband’s photo to a hereditary shaman. For several days I doubted, but still wrote a letter. Aayla Shaman answered quickly enough and asked me to try to persuade her husband to come to her seminar in Berlin.

Shame to admit it, but I had to trick my husband into going to the seminar. I just couldn’t do it any other way.

My husband came with me as a journalist. Aayla Shaman met us and invited my husband to talk. I don’t know what she said or what rituals she was performing, but my husband came out with a smile on his face. He was holding four bracelets — shamanic protective amulets for our whole family.

When we came home, my daughter hugged him saying: “Dear daddy! Yay, the monster’s gone!” Since then, every year we attend seminars at the Places of Power, and the monster never comes back. Aayla Shaman saved the fate of my loved one! I am grateful to her for that!”

Don’t remain indifferent to the fact that the spirit of criticism is taking over more and more people in its networks. Let us together radiate positive, and pray for these people. Together we will create a good, harmonious world.



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.