How do you find deep meaning in life? Tips from Aayla Shaman

Aayla Shaman
6 min readMar 6, 2020


Simple truth of forming a good destiny

We all want our children to be happy. We want them achieve success and prosperity, reveal their talents and abilities, find love and be healthy. The Kut energy helps in this. Aayla Shaman tells how to unlock it.

How to grow your Lineage tree

The Lineage Tree bears fruit sooner or later — the progeny. Children embody the goals of the Lineage, which directly depend on parents’ readiness to give them the freedom to choose their destiny.

A saying that like father like son proves that the Lineage does not develop, but stands still. After all, in this case, the child just repeats the destiny of his parents. Example of dynastic professions explains this well: doctors, lawyers, winemakers. There are many stories about children following in the footsteps of their parents, become musicians, actors and artists in the creative environment.

There is nothing wrong if a child really wants to do the same thing as his parents.

But it’s very bad if he does it by inertia, following the tradition.

Children must be able to realize their true predestination for the Lineage to develop and flourish.

Shamanistically, children are birds in the branches of the Family tree. And we should do our best so that they could take off, show their individuality and find high goals.

Sooner or later the child returns to his or her Lineage Tree. And they bring all the energy they’ve got in the world to the Lineage, nourishing and renewing it. High goals of the child become high goals of the whole Lineage. Aayla shaman emphasizes that these goals must be beyond the Lineage. Only then will the Lineage thrive.

That is why everyone should strive to find their destiny, realize their true predestination, surpass their ancestors and glorify the Lineage with their victories.

The power for the future of your Lineage

The Kut energy is a unique power that we invest in everything we do. But to steer it on the right course, you have to feel it. To do this, Aayla shaman recommends a small shamanic ritual before any business, even before you simply cook dinner. It will concentrate the Kut energy in your hands.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to attend seminars where Aayla shaman explains all the features of working with the Kut energy in detail, do a simple exercise. Jump rhythmically from one foot to the other and say: “I am the Elder of my Lineage! This is my Lineage!” That’s how the Kut energy awakens.

As soon as you feel the heat in your body, you’ll know that the Kut energy is activated. That’s when you can start doing what you planned to do. If you are cooking, don’t doubt that the Kut energy will have a beneficial effect on both the process and the result. Your dinner will be extraordinarily delicious and healthy.

If you are looking for work, you should have the Kut energy activated before composing your CV.

And then you will be offered the best position possible on the best terms for you.

Prayer for your family and friends will be much more effective if the Kut energy is activated. Such an energetically intensified prayer will protect those you care about and will have the greatest impact on your Lineage as a whole, and will trigger its further prosperity.

If you clearly visualize the future of your Lineage, imagine how you want to pass it on to your children and t this point the Kut energy is activated in this moment, they will be able to realize all the high goals that have been set.

Barbara, Weimar:

“I’m from the medical dynasty. And I have been preparing my daughter to become a physician since she was a child. Ursula was terrified of blood and fell into a stupor, even if she saw someone with a small scratch. But we, adults, thought it was a caprice, and one day my daughter will thank us… Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t monsters. We really thought medicine was the best option for our girl… Oh, now I regret it so much…

Anyway, Ursula’s got into the world of medicine after all. But she chose to study the harmless psychology. And she has been treating people for stress and depression for years.

But she wasn’t satisfied with her work. So much so that Ursula turned to a psychologist for help.

And it did not help. My daughter became more and more depressed, began to take medication, it was like life was pumped out of her…

That’s when I started to get nervous.

There were many suggestions and solutions at the family council (and we were all doctors). But then I felt that in this case, medicine will not help us. Fortunately, a few days later, my cousin came to visit. She advised contacting Aayla shaman very much.

I came for a consultation with the shaman and told her about my daughter’s problem. Aayla listened to me attentively and said that she had to talk to Ursula personally. Of course, it wasn’t easy to convince my daughter, but she agreed.

Aayla shaman did a diagnostic of predestination for Ursula. And she made the diagnosis. In my usual terms, it was the wrong choice of life path… The shaman suggested waking up the Kut energy first of all. She picked up a strong energy amulet for my daughter.

Ursula and I started attending group lessons. And then went to retreat to the Place of Power. And then something incredible happened. We decided to stay in Rome for a few days on our way back home. We wanted to visit this city for a long time. There was a grand piano in the lobby of our hotel. And suddenly my daughter sat at it and started playing…

Ursula learned to play the piano when she was a child, so that her fingers were strong and smart. My husband really wanted our daughter to become a surgeon. And then she didn’t touch the instrument for many years. But that day…

What she was playing was wonderful! This magical music made me cry…

Music was the main thing in my daughter’s life! Of course, she did not become a famous composer or musician. But she became a happy person! Now she tours a lot with small local bands, often performing at charity concerts. She shines with joy and charges people around her.

I am very sorry that I once tried to decide for Ursula how to live and what to do. I thank the universe that Aayla shaman helped my daughter find the meaning in life!”

Attend the seminars, participate in the events, come to our rituals in the places of Power! You will learn how to properly manage your energy. You will be able to awaken the Kut energy. And your life will shine with new colors. Aayla shaman will be happy to help you with that. You will have new goals. You will be able to change your destiny and that of your loved ones completely. You will be able to find real happiness and success.



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.