How the Dark Forces Penetrate into our life

Aayla Shaman
4 min readJun 13, 2020


Is it possible to stop them

Do you get negative comment in Facebook? Big deal, it happens. Do you receive doubtful mailing that sling mud a spiritual person? It happens. Doesn’t that kind of negative stuff scare you? If they don’t, it means you still don’t understand how the Dark Powers are affecting your life. Aayla Shaman tells how to recognize and stop them.

What’s dangerous about disunion

It only feels that we live on this planet alone. But in fact, there are many different spirits living here besides us. Some of them belong to the forces of Darkness; others belong to the forces of light. Ever since we were children, we’ve known fairy tales and legends about the struggle of these forces.

When we grow up, we start to consider these legends only beautiful stories that have nothing to do with reality. But Aayla Shaman insists that these are not just fairy tales.

Dark and Light forces do exist in today’s world. What’s more, we can see how they manifest on Earth.

The most obvious manifestation of the Dark Powers that we’re seeing everywhere today is the coronavirus. It has separated all humans, forced them to hide at home, sometimes all alone. How did the evil spirit of the coronavirus manage to lock up all the inhabitants of the planet at home? There’s only one reason: our hearts and souls were already separated.

That’s why Aayla Shaman and many other representatives of the Light Forces are doing their best to reunite us, to bring back health and happiness to us. But the Dark forces, alas, are on the watch. Oftener they manifest themselves through people with unstable psyches.

Spirits succumb to them, subjugate their consciousness completely and go after spiritual people through them. They go after those who are just trying to stop the evil.

Evil sends an email

Where do the spiritual people come together these days? After all, quarantine restrictions have not yet been lifted in all countries. Aayla Shaman holds online meetings for everyone who wishes to join on her shamanic channel, in her social networks. Spiritual people are happy to join these wonderful seminars, because they are full of light and love.

That is why such events become a tempting target for the attack of the Dark Forces. They send unhinged people enslaved by evil spirits to these meetings, make them write various nasty things to Aayla’s students and in spiritual communities, and send out emails filled with evil energy.

The task of the Dark Forces is to frighten people of Light, so that they do not gather together, don’t unite the good of their hearts.

If you happen to get an email from the Dark Forces, you’ll know it at once. You will feel their heavy, unpleasant energy. Because even a printed text can easily convey negative energy and evil spirits from one person to another.

Imagine that you were in good pure light emotional state. Suddenly you get a letter from a stranger who tries to vilify the person who brings good to people. You will be able to feel the evil that lies in the message from the first second you read it. Your mood will change immediately. You will have the feeling that you have been doused with dirt.

What do we do? Close this message as soon as possible to stop the flow of negative energy. And stop communicating with the sender of this message.

The black flock of evil spirits

It is very important for you to understand how exactly the Dark Forces affect people. Imagine a big black cloud, a flock of black birds. You receive the letter of Evil and by reading it, on the spur of the moment, you let a black bird of trouble into your life — one dark spirit from a huge band. If this particle of Evil penetrates to you, it will gradually attract the whole huge flock and as a result will absorb your consciousness and subjugate your will.

Dark forces act like parasites, trying to fill all your personal space not to leave you with the slightest chance of resistance.

However, if you quickly find the source of the negative in your life, whether it’s an email or a message, and tell about it to Aayla Shaman immediately, she will send light spirits to help you right away, she will begin to cleanse you from this mud at once.

Our future, the future of the whole world, depends only on the quantity of light people that unite. It is only by uniting our forces, our energy of Light, that we can create the Field of Love that protects the entire Earth and all its inhabitants. When we stand shoulder to shoulder and open our hearts, we will be able to confront the forces of Evil, and the Good will win. Only together will we be able to protect our planet from the Dark Forces.

Join the spiritual people! Participate in prayers and seminars held by Aayla Shaman. Do not give Evil a chance to win!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.