How to attract prosperity to the lineage: 4 ancient ways

Aayla Shaman
7 min readAug 22, 2020

Traditions of ancestors that make us happy

Why does sometimes everything in our lives go downhill? We have problems at work, children get sick all the time, and there are quarrels and grudges in the family all at once. There is a continuous series of minor and major troubles. We call it bad luck and wait for good luck to come. Because we forgot the wisdom of our ancestors and don’t know how to attract prosperity to the lineage and get rid of troubles forever.

Why do evil spirits choose us?

In the old days, prosperity of the lineage depended largely on the house of the lineage. The statement that at home even the walls help goes back centuries.

And that’s because the house used to be the Place of Power for each representative of a certain lineage.

The house healed diseases, invigorated, energized, helped to overcome difficulties.

Now, most of our ancestors’ knowledge has been lost. But we still managed to save some, thanks to the shamanistic dynasties. Aayla is a hereditary practicing shaman, representing the most powerful branch of shamanistic teaching — Siberian shamanism.

Shamans have the ability to see the world in a special way. They see a lot of things that ordinary people can’t see. First of all, they see spirits that destroy life and health. Ordinary people can only feel that something has gone wrong in their lives. But only the shaman knows that the evil spirit is the one to blame. It sticks to a person and drains power, positive energy, and health. And if the spirit takes possession of the lineage, then bad luck will haunt all the members of this family.

The author’s course by Aayla shaman “Power of Lineage” deals with the solution of problems of the lineage. This course was developed as a result of answering to thousands of questions, which Aayla had heard from the students for over 23 years. It is based on the ancient knowledge of shamanism, respect for ancestors, love for the world around and inside, as well as Aayla’s personal experience.

It’s simply impossible to do without the help of the shaman in such difficult situations. Only the shaman knows how to properly cleanse your house and lineage tree from the influence of evil spirits and how to attract prosperity to the lineage.

House as a fortress

The ancient shamanistic tradition positions the house as the Place of Power. When a person comes back home, they should get into a space devoid of negativity. They should be charged with power and energy, both mind and body should rest there.

But this rarely happens in real life. It’s very difficult to create a secure space in apartment buildings, where we are surrounded by neighbors on all sides. After all, the spirits of the Lower World easily pass through, get to our houses through sewer holes, come from neighbors.

And having settled in our house, they begin to feed on our negative emotions, trigger their manifestation in every possible way.

As a result, failures, illnesses, and fatigue occur in our lives.

It’s important to notice this in time and think about the way to attract prosperity to the lineage and cleanse the house of the spirits of the Lower World.

4 ways to attract prosperity to the lineage:

1. To perform a ritual of cleansing the house.

This requires a shamanic drum or ratchet, because the sound cleansing is the most efficient one.

The sound penetrates every corner of your house and lays even the smallest spirits.

Of course, this ritual can be performed only with an experienced shaman.

2. To protect the house.

And to charge your house with positive energy to the fullest. Purchasing a special protective amulet from the shaman and hanging it in front of the entrance works very well. Such an amulet contains a spirit that will become the true keeper of your house and cleanse it of the spirits of the Lower World.

3. To attract the spirit of the house.

Each house has its own good spirit. It interacts with the family, and if the family members treat it well, it becomes the true keeper and guardian of your house. How can one attract it? It’s very simple. Put a saucer of milk in a secluded place where your family members or your pets don’t walk a lot. If you don’t have milk, crumble some bread.

Any natural and simple food without stabilizers and flavor enhancers will do. Treats for the spirit should be replenished on a regular basis.

At the seminars, Aayla shaman goes into details about the way to communicate with the spirit of the house, feed it and make it a true friend of your lineage.

4. To turn your house into the Place of Power.

In order to do this, you should settle the source of this power. It should radiate positive energy constantly. And only shamanic altar with the icon of the lineage tree can be such a source. An image of the goddess Umay and the spirit of fire should be on the altar.

Umay is a female hypostasis of God Tengri (God of Eternity) in shamanism. She is a young woman with long braids, a mischievous look and a gentle smile. She holds a green branch of a tree, as a symbol of fertility in one hand, and a cup of plenty in the other hand. She is the Goddess of the present — Umay. Tengri created the manifested, physical world of our Earth for her.

Umay is the one who keeps and enhances all earthly blessings, provides people with luck, health, wealth, and all the things that are necessary for life.

Chloe, Amiens:

“I’d never thought about happiness until I lost it…

Nothing bad had ever happened in my family. We had always been friendly and united. We’d never had problems with money. For many decades, our pharmaceutical company had been considered one of the best in Europe.

My grandmother was the most prominent and wisest representative of our family. We realized how much she meant to our family only when we lost her. She died at the age of 95.

We grieved for a long time. But life went on. The grandmother’s rooms were modernized, the children moved there, and we didn’t even assume that our family was about to have hard times.

Troubles started to occur fast and furious. My sister lost her job, the eldest son was twice detained by the police for drunk driving, I failed signing profitable contracts at the last moment at work, my husband got into a car accident and miraculously survived… Things like this kept happening almost every day and I just didn’t know what to expect. It was terrible.

And we had arguments all the time, and sometimes I wanted to run away from home.

And once I actually did it in the heat of the moment. I was just wandering thoughtlessly around the city with tearful eyes until I ran into a door. Aayla Shaman was conducting the seminar behind that door. I sat down behind everyone and started listening carefully.

All the things Aayla shaman said that day sank deep into my heart. I realized that I shouldn’t sit back and do nothing. I should look for the cause of bad luck in our family.

I signed up for an individual consultation and Aayla shaman went down to the past of our lineage. She found the reason why everything in our family went wrong.

t turned out that once upon a time one of our ancestors had already turned to a powerful shaman and he had put serious protection on our lineage.

And he had put a powerful spirit into an animal figurine, which was passed from generation to generation.

This spirit kept our family from any cataclysms, and we lived happily ever after.

But my grandmother died and didn’t pass this figurine to any of us. Perhaps, she wasn’t aware of the power that the talisman had, and simply kept it as a family heirloom.

Anyway, the figurine was sent to a social shelter along with some old stuff.

Thus, our lineage lost the guardian spirit. Since that day, the spirits of the Lower World began to attack our family three times harder. After all, we were left without protection!

Aayla Shaman performed a special ritual to lay spirits from our ancestral house and taught how to attract prosperity to the lineage and protect it from further problems. She created a new amulet of protection for our lineage and put a very powerful spirit into it. Moreover, she taught me how to cleanse the house of negativity by myself. Now I often attend seminars that are held in our city. And I’ve repeatedly gone to the Places of Power with the group.

Gradually, happiness returned to our family. The son got his head right and entered the university, and our business thrives. But most importantly, we stopped quarreling. We live in peace and friendship as we used to. But we still really miss our grandmother…”

So, in order to bring back prosperity to the lineage, you should:

  1. Perform a ritual of cleansing the house
  2. Protect the house.
  3. Attract the spirit of the house.
  4. Turn your house into the Place of Power.

Attend our seminars, bring your friends and acquaintances and be happy!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.