How to celebrate winter solstice so that 2020 brings success and luck

Aayla Shaman
7 min readDec 19, 2019

Why people’s dearest wishes come true this very day

For ages winter solstice has been considered as a special energy date. On her seminars Aayla shaman talks about the importance of the rite of forgiveness and explains how to perform the ritual of making your wishes come true. And this very day may become your pivotal point!

Forces of good and light

Equinox and solstice holidays play the most important role in the universe. However winter solstice has special significance. This day is permeated with the most powerful energetics to such an extent that it gives people the opportunity to realize all their dearest dreams.

Winter solstice is notable for the longest night after which the days get longer. During the battle of forces of Good and Evil the Spirit of the Sun comes to life again. In this period people regardless of their cultural background perform many important rituals all around the world.

For example according to the astrological calendar Christmas Eve falls on the day of winter solstice.

However due to leap years and influence of the church the dates of those two days differ somehow.

In the following 2020 the day of winter solstice comes the 22nd of December at 5:10 am Berlin time. If you live in any other country it’s not difficult to count the right time by using the time difference. In this period you have to carefully follow Aayla shaman’s recommendations. She calls for the utmost attention to personal practices and review of your way of living.

How to celebrate winter solstice in a proper way?

Winter solstice is and energy-intensive holiday thus it should be devoted to multiply your spiritual energy and inner light. So from the 22nd of December you should start doing good deeds.

Those may include help to the needy, charity, volunteering activities or ecological projects.

As a preparation for the holiday clean up the mess both in your house and your soul. And if to tidy up your dwelling it will be enough just to clean your house and get rid of unnecessary stuff, spiritual cleansing requires great effort. Shaman Aayla advises to start performing rituals beforehand. So that when winter solstice comes you just finish the job. Then the rite of forgiveness and of making your dearest wishes come true will have the utmost efficiency.

Ritual of forgiveness

When summing up the events don’t miss the most important ones that happened in your life during this year.

You have to remember all successes and failures, all good and bad things, purify your soul from anger and insults and assess your achievements.

And then your life will be filled with positive energy and light. As winter solstice is a great chance to start the new year from scratch and let happiness, health, success and prosperity enter your life.

Aayla Shaman is sure that to forgive somebody is much more difficult than express other feelings. As at this moment a person has to overcome his or her offenses and inner conflicts. And if you have difficulties with that don’t hesitate to contact Aayla shaman, to have an individual consultation or to buy an amulet of help and protection. She will teach you to celebrate this great day of the year, winter solstice, in a proper way and will help to perform rites of forgiveness and of making your wishes come true.

To make it easier make a list of persons with whom you had conflicts during the year and who hurt or offended you. As in reality these people reflect your state of mind. They represent those things that hide inside your soul.

Anger and grievance, spite and envy — those are the feelings you should get rid of before the celebration.

Ritual of making wishes come true

To perform the rite of making wishes come true on the eve of winter solstice you have to use some of your cooking talents. Make a cake of wishes stuffed with gifts of nature. Make it look like the sun. It’s better to cook it on the eve of the holiday when your house is clean and permeated with positive energy. Cook it together with your family to create a unique atmosphere of unity.

Put into your cake all the best and good things that you have in your family, all your feelings and emotions, dreams and wishes to your beloved ones.

At dawn of the 23rd of December stand in front of the window that overlooks the east and heartily thank the spirit of the Sun for all the good things that it gave you the previous year.

If your family members wish to join, that will be wonderful because the rite will become more powerful.

And now think of your dearest wish and live your dream in your mind’s eye. Feel free to wish everything you want as you don’t often get such a chance.

Then cut a round piece from the middle of the pie — a sacrifice to the spirit of the Sun.

When you and your guests finish with your pieces, put the round part you cut on a plate and take it outside and leave it for birds or squirrels. If they eat this piece, it means that the spirit accepted your gift and will help you to realize your dreams.

That is the ancient rite of making wishes comes true. It is now very complicated but Aayla shaman recommends to strictly follow all its nuances. This powerful energy ritual helps us to fulfill our lifelong dreams. And only the most powerful energy of winter solstice infuses this ritual with magic powers.

HannaH, Leipzig:

«For the first time I came to Aayla shaman’s individual consultation out of desperation. At that moment I had no idea that this event would have such great significance to my life and would become a new starting point. Then I was a total mess — family problems, my beloved daughter’s illness, meaningless work that brought more losses than benefits… I was on my last legs.

But during our first session Aayla shaman found the source of all my misfortunes. And the subsequent diagnosis dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s.

My life was corroded by trivial women’s envy, only the source of this envy was my younger sister.

For more than a year I had been in close connection to shaman practices, I had attended group sessions, bought a protective amulet and took part in almost all the events. On one of the seminars shaman Aayla told us that winter solstice was the best time for the rite of forgiveness and of making our dearest wishes come true.

I prepared very carefully for this miraculous ritual performed on the day of winter solstice. I talked all my family into it as we all needed help. We prepared our house for the upcoming holiday: we baked a turkey, made a cake and cooked a family dinner. It had been a while since we were so close together like it was that very day.

After that each of us made our wishes. For me the most important things were my daughter’s health and harmonic relationship in our family.

That very day I prayed for it to higher powers.

Then the guests came. We invited all our relatives though we hadn’t got together for quite a long time. Without any apparent reasons we stopped celebrating family holidays… And what’s most important I followed the advice given by shaman Aayla: I invited my younger sister with whom we hadn’t got on well lately. It was difficult to find words but finally we managed to talk. We had a sincere hearty talk.

We were both to blame in what had happened. We didn’t understand, took no compassion to and offended each other. That fateful day we sincerely forgave each other and forever got rid of feud and misunderstanding that had separated us lately.

As this very situation was the source of all my misfortunes, the reason for my daughter’s illness.

Since that day our life had drastically changed! On the next scheduled examination doctors didn’t find any symptoms of disease that my daughter had had before. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears! Doctors allowed us to go in for any of activities for children and my daughter signed up for professional dance classes!

It was a true miracle because we had abandoned almost all hope for her happy careless childhood.

But changes came not only to my daughter’s life. I finally understood my predestination and learnt to earn money easily and without stress! I was promoted and given a company car. It was such a great contract to our previous life that I was totally shocked! That winter solstice and Aayla shaman worked real magic!».

Aayla shaman performs a lot of different rituals and practices, teach her followers hot to accumulate and manage their energy, how to use amulets aimed at attraction of health and happiness at her seminars.

She teaches how to save your family and lineage in general from different woes and troubles, how to get rid of anger, conflicts, diseases and failures in your family.

If you enter the world of shamanism and start attending group classes and seminars, it will be a valuable contribution to your spiritual development. You will launch a powerful energy program for your lineage and your descendants. Be happy and loved, make your dreams come true and let’s create together the proper basis for your life in the new year!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.