How to cleanse the house from spirits of the Lower World

Aayla Shaman
6 min readJan 5, 2020

And to make it the Place of Power for your whole lineage

Everyone know the saying “My house is my castle”. But not everyone know how to cleanse the house from the negative energy that accumulates in your living space for years. In this article Aayla Shaman tells where it comes from and how to win it over.

Where does the negative energy come from?

What do you think why the negative energy appears in your home? The answer is very simple: when we come home we will shed off tiredness, negative emotions, irritation that have accumulated during the day. It means that it is us who pollute energetics of our home!

Moreover, friends and family sometimes come to visit us. They talk about their issues and troubles. They leave but the negative energy remains. As a result, we feel unhappy in our own apartment.

In the past, shamans believed that the human dwelling was the place where special forces, powerful protective spirits gathered. A woman has always impersonated the keeper of the hearth and home. She was responsible not only for comfort and food but also for the energetic protection of home from spirits of the Lower World. You can learn it today.

Choose a correct house

We sometimes feel that the home ground suck the energy out of us. Why? It happens when the house is built on a bad place. It can be the place where some burial ground, a prison, a dump site, a graveyard or a geopathogenic area was located in the past. In this case, even the Great Shaman would not tell you how to cleanse the house from spirits of the Lower World. The only solution is to move to another place, to exchange or to sell the house.

That’s why you need to be very attentive when you are choosing a new house. It’s better to ask beforehand what used to be at the place of this house. Otherwise, you may invite the shaman to make the diagnostics.

Any house with the positive energy may be turned into the Place of Power. To do this, you need to exclude sources through which spirits of the Lower World penetrate into the house.

How to protect your house from penetration of the negative energy: recommendations of Aayla Shaman

1. Sewage.

You should always close drain holes in the apartment.

2. A garbage bin.

You should throw away the garbage before the sunset and should not leave it for a night for the energy of decomposition not to attract evil spirits.

3. Old and excessive things.

Old things and clutter attract spirits of the dead and excessive things activate spirits of consumerism. That’s why you should get rid of old things. You may cleanse excessive clothes from your personal energy and to give it away for charity.

How to cleanse the house from the negative energy if you have only expedient tools in your stock?

The simplest but lengthy method of cleansing is a candle. If you walk along the perimeter of your apartment clockwise with a lit candle, you may partially remove the negative energy from home. But a candle cannot reach all the nooks. That’s why the method of smudge with herbs is used much more often. Juniper, thyme, sage have recommended themselves as a perfect means used to cleanse the house. If you know nothing about the candle ritual, watch the webinar of Aayla Shaman. She talks about it in detail.

However, the most popular method used to cleanse the house from the negative energy is sound vibrations. It may be especially recorded music for cleansing that you may buy at our seminars. Or it may be the shamanic drum which sounds have the frightening effect on evil spirits.

Such music that is also called the Music of Good Effect is unusual. It is written by the Big White Shaman. At the moment of writing the White Shaman merges with spirits of his musical instruments. Good spirits fly together when they hear these sounds. Their song is entwined into the general musical rhythm and makes it really magical. When the person listens to this music later, she gets the powerful protection from spirits of the Lower World. With the first sounds the music of the Good Effect starts attracting helper spirits as it were a magnet.

After you have cleansed the house, it is very important for you to make the strong protection and to fill the house with the positive energy. You also must meet the spirit of the house. If you become friends with them, your house will be impenetrable for any disasters. You may know about it in details on our seminars.

Karen, Munich:

I and my husband was very happy to move from the countryside to the city. All comforts became available to us. We enjoyed walking in parks, visiting theaters and restaurants. We enjoyed our life. Our new apartment, small but very nice, made us happy with comfort and rest.

However, after a half of year a run of bad luck hit our life. We quarreled over a mere trifle, were jealous to each other. Our home ceased to be a safe harbor. Each of us had a great hip of job issues as well. We were at the verge of divorce. We both were unhappy but we did not know how to overcome that.

One day, after yet another one quarrel, I ran away in tears from home and walked along the street whatever the road took me. When I was turning at the corner, I ran into a woman. She took my hand and asked what had happened with me. Warmth that was heard in her voice did its part. I started telling her how my family life was dying. That woman told me that she knew who could help me. It was the first time I knew about shamanism. I knew that Aayla Shaman held individual consultations in our city.

I don’t know why but I immediately started trusting that woman. Her eyes were shining with infinite wisdom. During the consultation, Aayla Shaman analyzed my life in details with the help of spirits. She came to the conclusion that the issue was… our apartment! It was attacked by spirits of the Lower World that were left from previous dwellers.

What could we do? We could not afford relocation and we had no idea how to cleanse the house.

At the first time, Aayla Shaman helped to cleanse our house from the negative energy. She came with the shamanic drum and held the cleansing ritual. She removed the whole evil of the Lower World. Moreover, she made the special thing of power for me into which she put the good spirit. My energy was very depleted at that moment.

Since that day, everything has changed in our life. It was as someone turned up the light and our happiness and the family idyll came back. Everything settled down at work, my husband made a great carrier leap. He even suggested finding another apartment but I did not want to. Aayla Shaman taught me how to cleanse the house and to make protection. I became friends with the home spirit. I give him milk every day and he pays me with the constant care.

Nowadays, no things are lost, food is preserved for a long time and household appliances do not break down. The most important thing is that the apartment has become the Place of Power. Wherever I and my husband were, we always yearn for home. We can fully relax and charge our energy supplies there.

If a streak of bad luck hit your life and you don’t know how to stop it, it is time to think how to cleanse the house from the negative energy. We’ll say you how to do it right. Register for our classes and practical trainings! Come with your friends, colleagues, family, tell your acquaintances about us! You house will turn into the strong Place of Power that will give you the energy, will make you happy and successful!

Moreover, Aayla Shaman will make the special Object of Power for you and will hold the ritual that will help you not only to cleanse your house but also to completely update the karma of your linage, will teach you how to overcome any issues and will help to return happiness and luck. Such Object of Power and the protective ritual will become a turning point of your life!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.