How to communicate with toxic people?

Aayla Shaman
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What should you do if they criticize you?

Did your boss yell at you? Did your close person make an unpleasant scene? Did your child feel aggrieved and lock in his room, slamming the door? What should you do? How to react correctly to the negativity to preserve family and spiritual harmony? Aayla Shaman answers these questions.

Harmony is the natural state of the human soul

We all face criticism and reproof in our life. Are they always fair and outspoken? After all, we may reaction differently to the same action. Let’s say you made a mistake at work. Your boss can give you a clue how to do it better, or he can yell at you. Which option is acceptable? Of course, the second one is unacceptable neither in relation to the close people, nor in relation to strangers.

From the point of view of shamanism, a person is initially a harmonious, healthy and love-filled being. Joy and harmony with the world around is absolutely natural state of a person’s soul.

When we face stress, criticism, condemnation, we start a program of self-destruction.

What pleased before brings only anger and disappointment now.

A person often does not understand the nature of the changes taking place in his soul. He only feels that his life energy is running out, and his desire to react negatively to everything is increasing. On the one hand, a person is ashamed of his behavior. On the other hand, he does not know how to make it better. What to do? Aayla shaman will tell the answer.

Spirit of criticism and condemnation

The spirit of criticism and condemnation is a strong and powerful essence of the Lower World, which is fed by human energy. How to understand that it is it who took possession of you? Aayla shaman advises you to pay attention to the following situations:

  • if you get yourself in a state and throw a tantrum or scandal from scratch;
  • if your mood changes dramatically: you just smiled and now you cry because of some nonsense;
  • if you start to get sick, to suffer from insomnia and headache.

All this means that the spirit of criticism has already taken possession of you.

An ordinary person does not see the essences of the Lower World, but this does not mean that they are not able to influence his life.

From the point of view of shamanism, everyone can become a victim of the spirit. This may be the spirit of illness or the spirit of negative emotion.

Try to remember now any specific situation. For example, your close person criticized you. What’s happening? You have just been in a harmonious state of joy and at one moment everything has changed. It feels like your spiritual integrity has been broken. So you are under the influence of the spirit.

Sometimes an evil spirit hides under the guise of care and over-protection from the close people. And such criticism hurts even more, because we hear the words of condemnation from a close person.

How to defeat the spirit of criticism?

The spirit of criticism is not so stupid, in every possible way he is trying to show us that he is our friend. At the same time, he penetrates our aura, waits, watches and feeds on our energy, and then, increasing and becoming stronger, he begins to influence our behavior. Of course, this does not happen in one day.

But in the end, a person begins to condemn and criticize. He is constantly dissatisfied with everything and believes that everyone around specially does him out of spite and just wants to upset him. And then the person throws a fit. What has happened?

The spirit of criticism and condemnation is just hungry. He has little human energy and he urgently needs a refill.

The more unpleasant words and emotions, tears and cries of indignation, the more the spirit wants.

And this is not the worst. Indeed, the spirit of criticism not only increases in volume, but also multiplies. When a person constantly directs his negativity towards others, he not only feeds the spirit of criticism, but also infects his company and close people with it.

How to defeat the spirit of criticism? Aayla shaman asks to follow several important rules. Do not blame. Do not criticize. Do not humiliate. No one. Never. What to do if there is a desire to let the steam off?

Ask this person’s pardon mentally or aloud. Do it sincerely, this is the only way to destroy the destructive energy of the spirit.

Beata, Munich:

“I read a lot about energy vampires in psychology magazines, but I didn’t think that such people exist. They feed on our energy, positive and even negative emotions.

For the first time I came across such a person five years ago when I joined a new team. Morning began with nit-picking and after lunch our manager turned to yelling and insulting. And by the end of the day he turned into a real fury. Some of the colleagues sobbed in the toilet, someone quit, someone drank sedatives. And I suffered…

But as time passed I realized that I was becoming the same as the boss. I was frustrated at home, jeered when talking with friends, could yell at the saleswoman in the store.

I got sick with insomnia, my head constantly hurt. I even went to the doctor, underwent an examination, but the doctors did not find anything. Formally, I was healthy. But in fact, I felt that I was losing my mind.

Aayla shaman literally saved me then. On an individual consultation she explained me that I was the victim of a hungry spirit of criticism. The more I interacted with my boss at work, the worse I felt. I don’t know what I would do if it was not for Aayla shaman and the classes in the group. She taught me how to neutralize the power of the spirit of criticism. I presented our boss a shamanic amulet for his birthday that saved him from an evil and insatiable entity. The boss stopped yelling and swearing.

My headaches went away, I started to sleep well again. But most importantly, I stopped to conflict with my close people.

It is good that I did not have time to infect them with my negativity. Now our family has become even stronger.

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