How to end 2020 in the right way

Aayla Shaman
7 min readDec 26, 2020

Make sure 2021 brings you happiness and prosperity

The New Year is a sacred transition point from the old to the new. This is why all rituals are aimed at fulfilling wishes and finding one’s predestination. Aayla Shaman will tell you how to end 2020 correctly and attract happiness and prosperity in the new year.

Do you believe in magic? Students of shamanic courses become true fairies every year on New Year’s Eve. Throughout the whole December, they create an atmosphere of kindness and happiness in their families with love, volunteer in Christmas campaigns and attract wealth, health and love to the life of their lineage. Find out today how to end the year in the right way. Aayla Shaman is sharing with our readers energy rituals, that will help to sum up the results of the past year and attract forces for the realization of desires in the new year.

Ritual of physical cleansing of body

There are so many delicious sweets in shop windows. You don’t know where to look first, do you? And yet shamanism does not recommend overloading your body, without mentioning going to extremes on the eve of the Winter Solstice Day and the New Year. Aayla recommends avoiding foods filled with GMOs and chemical additives, sugar and flavour enhancers. What about coffee and sweets? How can you do without them? Alas, but their consumption should be reduced to a minimum. Only light meals should be included in the diet and served on the table.

What is the reason for this restriction? It’s not just about healthy eating and benefits for the body. December is full of sacred and mystical dates, which require a lot of energy and strength. If you want the fulfillment of desires — then you have to pay attention to your diet.

The ritual of creating magic in your home

Recently, our large shamanic family celebrated Winter Solstice Day, performed a ritual for wish fulfillment reverently, followed Aayla’s recommendations for energetic cleansing of the home space, and invited close friends and family members to visit. It’s time to refresh your rooms, fill them with cleanliness, order and, of course, positive energy. Let the last days of the year be associated only with good emotions!

Turn on cheerful music, tune in for the good wave, sing and dance, involve your loved ones and encourage them with kisses and smiles. This way you will not only clean up quickly but also charge the house with the strongest positive energy and make room for happiness and New Year’s wishes.

Christmas tree decoration ritual

What about lights, candles, a Christmas tree and Christmas decorations? If you haven’t had a chance to decorate your house yet, now would be a good time to do it during one of these evenings. By the way, did you know that the tree is not just a New Year’s Eve attribute, but a shamanic symbol representing the world and the family tree? Aayla recommends you paying special attention to it and perform a simple but very important ritual of making wishes.

First of all, make sure that the tree is real. You can also buy a potted Christmas tree at a Christmas market. On New Year’s Eve, many of our students try to get out into the nature and perform a ritual of making wishes there.

What’s so special and unusual about a Christmas tree decoration? It’s no mystery, we decorate the Christmas tee with all the things we want to get next year, and the things we dream to say goodbye to forever! On the branches of the lower level put everything that evokes negative memories or symbols: folded sheets of paper with fines and loans, medical history etc. (be sure to burn everything after the feast, thanking the Spirit of Fire for its help). Decorate the middle level branches with sweets heavily. The upper branches are for wishes, even for the most impossible ones. Don’t be afraid to dream! And a cone-shaped decoration on the top of the tree will help you send all your wishes into cosmos and a happy future.

All family members, both children and adults, should take part in decorating the tree. Such moments not only bring the family together and give positive emotions, but also magically fill the family with love.

Ritual of giving

What’s a holiday without surprises and gifts? A phone for your mum or dad who live far away, so they can contact you and video-chat with their grandchildren. Construction kit for your son, because he is a fan of Elon Musk and plans going into space one day. A ticket to a New Year’s Eve play or a beautiful sketchbook to draw on for your daughter. An invitation to one of Aayla’s shamanistic courses for your girl friend; she has long been thinking of quitting the job she did not like and finding her true predestination, but still fails to decide. What about your beloved husband? Perhaps an amulet charged with health and success in business? Surely your heart will tell you what to choose. The main thing is not to make a fuss and remember that a gift should have an energetic value, not a material one.

Helga, Rotterdam:

Before I had a family, I didn’t think much about traditions, much less rituals. I was raised as an independent girl, who had to have a career and be first in everything. But the universe has its own rules. I met my future husband and fell madly in love. I didn’t want to strive for career heights. I felt I was destined to be a mother and a keeper of my home.

There are five noisy boys running around our house, three of whom we took from an orphanage and didn’t regret it for a second. I wanted to give each of them not only love but also family values and traditions. Alas, I lacked knowledge, and Aayla Shaman helped me a lot with it. She is our fairy and sorceress! Step by step, at workshops and group classes, I learnt to be a loving mum, an upright judge, a super coach, the best cook, helper and friend. And also to listen to myself, to the desires of my boys and my beloved husband.

These have been some of the most interesting and important lessons in my life. Now I know that when they grow up, they will have memories in their hearts of the magical decorated Christmas tree, trips to Places of Power, preparing presents for the New Year and thank-you letters. They will never forget the smell of big solar cakes and warm gatherings around the family table. Happiness starts with your family!

The ritual of paying off debts and obligations

Aayla Shaman recommends getting rid of unnecessary ties at various levels as we finish the year. And it’s not just about total cleaning of your home and wardrobe, but also about getting your soul and surroundings in order. Many of our students admit that this is probably the most difficult and most resourceful ritual. Find time for it and start performing it before the Winter Solstice celebration.

Sort out your work debts. Finish projects and submit important reports, clear messengers and emails of unnecessary spam and outdated information, identify tasks with which you are moving into the next year, give your employees their salaries and be sure to mark their contributions.

Pay off the rest of your debts and be done with your financial obligations. If you can’t, be honest and thank the person for waiting and favouring you. Staying silent and ignoring the problem won’t solve it, will it?

If you made a promise, keep it! In the hustle and bustle, many of us rush into promises and don’t keep our words. Solve this year’s issue to start the next year with a clean slate, with no hidden grudges from other people.

Shamanic writing practices

Aayla concludes by suggesting that you learn about written shamanic practices. Do not underestimate them. By writing down your wishes and dreams, and analyzing your actions and mistakes, you release pain and resentment, and attract happiness, love and success into your life. On New Year’s Eve, we offer you write two short letters by hand: a thank-you letter and a purification letter.

Letters don’t have to be written on the same day — it’s a work of the mind as well as the heart. Start on the 19th lunar day and end on New Year’s Eve.

A thank-you letter. Remember good things about the past year. For example, you met interesting people, attended Aayla’s online course, learned to do a breathing practice and learned discovered your predestination. Give thanks for your health and harmony of mind, for the people who have been there for you and supported you.

Purification letter. Devote this letter to bad events in your life and to those to whom you want to ask forgiveness or who you have hard feelings for. Be completely honest with yourself and finish with it. When you have finished writing, burn it and ask the Spirit of Fire to destroy the pain the letter carries in itself.

We’re sure you’ll cope with it. The list of debts and obligations, resentments and disappointments, will quickly evaporate in the hustle and bustle of the New Year celebration.

You’ve gained new knowledge, now it’s time for you to become a ray of light to others. Share this article with them, sign up for individual consultations, workshops and seminars of Aayla Shaman online. Dream, love and guard your loved ones!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.