How to get rich in a crisis?

Aayla Shaman
5 min readMay 8, 2020

How to interact with the Spirit of Money to be in the black after quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has caused financial problems for many people. As we remember from history, for some people crisis becomes an insurmountable obstacle, and for another it is an excellent starting point for new breakthroughs. This is exactly what Aayla shaman tells about.

Let’s make do with a little

What does money mean for a modern person? That’s it what we pay for various status attributes with. Expensive delicacies, branded items, cool gadgets, top-class cars. We used to do all our best at work to be able to buy all the best. And everything we do is in order to prove to ourselves and others that everything is fine in our life and we are succeeding.

But major changes broke into our world with the coronavirus pandemic. Airplanes (even private ones) were banned from flights, hotels (even the most luxurious ones) stopped their work, restaurants (even the most expensive ones) do not accept visitors. The status does not play any role under quarantine.

In many countries, people do not have the opportunity to go to a cafe or restaurant, to go to the sea, and, actually, to go anywhere. This means that we will not be able to acquire status items. Of course, this fundamentally changed our attitude towards money. And at the moment, there is a global reassessment of values ​​around the world.

As it turned out, we could well do without a lot of things which were considered very necessary and even essential before.

And now, being locked at home alone with own thoughts, people began to think more about their true predestination. Who am I? What do I really want to achieve in this life? Is it worth trying my hand in a new activity area and starting my own business? Can it give the world something valuable? Will I be able to become useful to the world?

Towards the Future

Online seminars conducted by Aayla shaman help in finding the right answers to these questions. She will be glad to see each of you at her seminars, where she will tell in detail about the energy of money.

Aayla shaman always advises not to forget about the ambivalent essence of the Spirit of money. After all, he manifests himself not only as a destroyer, but also as a creator. And sometimes he shares energy with us to realize our true predestination.

No matter how strange it may sound, the crisis caused by the pandemic opens the doors of new opportunities for us.

People start to think that having lost their jobs, they have found free time to do what has long been attracting them. They had no time to think about it before the crisis. And now there is an opportunity to start life with a clean sheet.

So what to do during quarantine? Very important advice that Aayla shaman gives is to pay attention to what your intuition says. No need to shoot from the hip, succumb to panic and invent all sorts of horrors.

Focus on your close people. Direct your energy to the help and support of those you love. Give them the maximum of your love, because it is the lack of love that prevents us from being successful and happy.

Aayla shaman advises to use your funds wisely. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, try to reduce your costs. Do not fling your money about, spend wisely, make do with a little and share with those who endure the crisis even more difficult. Good spirits help those whose hearts are filled with love and compassion for others. And when the crisis ends, they will surely give you happiness, success and health.

Marion, Hamburg:

“In March 2008, our third child was born, and we realized that our apartment was too small for such a large family. We dreamed about our own house and already kept an eye on a nice cottage on the outskirts of the city.

For several years, we have accumulated a sufficient amount of money and planned to acquire new housing. Suddenly my friend shocked me with a tempting offer to start my own business. The project seemed very tempting and promised good returns.

I was in doubt: a small child, a crisis beginning — all this did not add confidence in my actions.

In addition, it was scary to invest the money that we have been saving for a new house for so long. And then I decided that I would tell my shaman about my worries. Aayla shaman has been my tutor for several years, and I completely trusted her.

Aayla shaman held an individual consultation and saw that the new field of activity is ideally suited to my nature. And at the same time, she consulted my friend who was calling me into the business. It turned out that we were really on the same wavelength and that any of our endeavors would succeed. And these arguments convinced me and my husband.

We didn’t buy a house then. But we invested in a profitable business. And we did not fail. Despite the crisis and various difficulties, our business was developing rapidly.

Six months later, we returned what we invested, and a year later we finally moved to the house of our dreams.

Now our company has a network of representative offices throughout the country. And all this thanks to Aayla shaman! At her seminars I was able to make friends with the Spirit of money and learned the shamanic secrets of success and prosperity. And this unique knowledge brought me prosperity and well-being. I am happy that I trusted shaman at that time and I was not afraid to change my life. Now I always say that the crisis is the best time to start something new.”

Aayla shaman reminds everyone: if you or someone from your friends lost the job, you will be able to realize your talents and abilities in her team. Write to Aayla and she will certainly reply you!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.