How to get rid of stress

Aayla Shaman
4 min readNov 2, 2019

Aayla Shaman speaks about 4 simple methods

Do you know what the most common question is that my students ask me from all around the world? How to get rid of stress, depression and chronic fatigue? Today I will reveal simple ways that can bring harmony back to your life.

Causes of Stress

In ancient times, people lived in alignment with nature and did not experience such phenomena as stress or depression. While in the modern world it is a very common problem.

You may ask: “Why is it so?” After all, our standard of living has increased, many household appliances help us to do the chores, we can relax in a restaurant or a cinema, and keep fit in a fitness center.

Unlike our ancestors, we don’t need torture ourselves to get food and clothing, hunting a hypothetical mammoth. All the benefits of civilization are at our disposal, just within arm’s reach.

Nonetheless, we are constantly experiencing fatigue. The point is that we are living in concrete jungles, and our consciousness is constantly being littered with a bulk of unnecessary information (the so-called white noise), aggressive commercials, and huge streams of negativity. All this exhausts even more than the pursuit of a mammoth. This is why we oftener ask the question how to overcome stress.

Headaches and visual impairments are common consequences of stress. But those can be avoided. First of all, you must stick to your sleep pattern, that is, to go to bed at the same time day after day.

Ancient practice for eyes

There is an ancient practice of Siberian shamanism that helps to cope with eye strain and headaches — the contemplation of a burning candle. Once a day, in the twilight, you can place a burning candle on a safe stand. The candle must be placed at eye level, at a distance of one and a half meters.

You must sit right in front of the candle and contemplate the flame for 10 minutes, trying not to blink. The spirit of fire has enormous power, and at that moment it all passes into eye muscles, soothing and relieving your eyes.

If you do the practice every day, not only will your vision improve, but so will do your general well-being. Besides, such meditation allows discovering your superpowers (for example, the gift of clairvoyance), boosts concentration and improves memory. This is the simplest way to overcome stress.

Carmela, Barcelona:

I have a very tough job. I run a company with 100 employees. I have to keep everything under control. When I come home, I am running on empty, everything slips out of my hands and annoys me.

I decided to try the method that Aayla Shaman recommended to me before. Coming home in the evening, I lock myself in my study for 10 minutes and ask not to disturb me. I watch the candle, and then I can feel the fire take away all irrelevant thoughts and the stress. When I come out of the study, there is no anger or fatigue left. My daughter even asked me: “Mom, you’ve become so calm, is it that you started drinking antidepressants?” Can you imagine that?)))

I also experience less stress and conflicts at the workplace now. I’ve become calmer, and this mood affected the staff. And although the work hasn’t become any less (on the contrary, the business is growing), we manage everything in time and almost never get tired.

But, of course, a candle meditation will not solve all the problems. That’s why I, following the recommendation of Aayla Shaman, am trying to attend group classes regularly and visit seminars at the Place of Power at least a few times a year. Only there I can feel fully restored and energized.

Medicine for stress

So, today I told you about two ways to overcome stress and depression: a healthy sleep pattern and candle meditation. But there is also one more tool, which is available to virtually everyone — walking in the fresh air.

While walking, I advise doing an exercise. First, take a good look at the flowers, leaves on the trees or shrubs. And then gaze at the clouds or the treetops. Then again at the flowers and again at the treetops. In this way, you train your eye muscles.

And the most astonishing point about this exercise is that when we gaze at something, our vision improves very quickly. It is fostered by the beauty and power of the spirits of the living nature. And this exercise is a great relief for stress.

I always advise people to try to be closer to the nature, if they want to be healthy and happy. Thus, the best way of overcoming stress and chronic fatigue is to visit our seminar at the Place of Power. There you will get a huge energy boost, which will keep all the problems and diseases away from you. Sign up for our seminars! Aayla Shaman is waiting for you!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.