How to overcome the fear of death?

Aayla Shaman
5 min readNov 9, 2019


Aayla Shaman explains why phobias develop

Sometimes causeless fears and phobias occur in our lives. Aayla Shaman will help you cope with them and explain how to overcome the fear of death.

Where do our fears come from?

Frequently, people cannot even imagine that their fears originate beyond our world. We usually choose to blame the stress, chronic fatigue, or mental illness for our anxiety. But it’s more than that. Spirits of the Underworld stick to a person and get to control his imagination, emotions, and the entire neural network.

This power grows stronger and stronger, allowing the spirits a new opportunity of controlling our physical body. That is why people experience panic attacks and inexplicable fear without any warning. A feeling that something terrible and irreversible is going to happen occurs from nowhere. There is an obsessive desire to run to hide, to escape.

The worst thing is that a person cannot control this process. He cannot understand how to overcome the fear of death and other nightmares on his own. And the spirit is getting stronger and stronger. It devours his emotions, the phobia grows, and then the person, so to say, goes crazy. Frequently this situation becomes the cause of cancer.

At this point, many people turn to doctors for help. And they search for the cause of this condition. Tachycardia, shortness of breath, severe nervous strains… Millions of tests, long-lasting psychotherapy, and huge amounts spent on treatment … But the person does not get better. He is worried sick, nervous, and cannot understand how to overcome the fear of death, how to defeat those emotions that are alien to his nature. At that time, only a shaman can help a person. Read more about shamans in our article.

Elizabeth, Ottawa:

I have always been a self-confident person. My parents raised me to walk persistently towards my goals without looking back. So is my husband. Everyone in our family knew exactly what they wanted. That’s why when I had the first panic attack in my life my relatives were completely confused.

By the way, it all happened, so to say, out of the blue. In a beauty salon! Suddenly I wasn’t able to get enough air, and my heart pounded so hard that it would burst. Legs and hands were shaky. A cold sweat went down my face and back…

I was lucky then: the staff was quick to treat me to tea and soothe me. All in all, I got away that time. But from that time on, I became afraid of ordinary things. To tell the truth, everything scared me!

And I just could not imagine how to overcome the fear of death. I stopped letting my daughter go to school by herself. I saw stalkers everywhere. I called my husband at work every hour, just because I heard on TV that forty-year-old men have a double risk of stroke. I was afraid of my regular tests, as I believed they would diagnose some incurable disease.

My husband seriously thought I was losing my mind. He talked to some doctors behind my back, asking how a woman who hasn’t ever been afraid of anything in life can overcome the fear of death. But they just shrugged. Medical tests proved I was absolutely healthy.

And when I was about to visit a psychoanalyst, Aayla Shaman came into my life. She learnt about me from an acquaintance of mine who attended her seminars. After hearing my story, Aayla Shaman said that I really needed to visit her for a personal consultation.

I was skeptical, but I went anyway. And when Aayla Shaman started to describe my situation from the inside, I was simply shocked. Indeed, it was exactly the way it goes when something gets control over a person, depriving him of peace and common sense. At that time, I was just on the verge. More than anything, I wanted to know how to overcome the fear of death and the fear for myself and my beloved ones.

I had a long talk to the shaman, and then she performed an individual ritual of purification from the spirits of the Underworld. She dived into my past, abolished those frightful energy networks I was entangled by evil spirits. Through these energy channels they sucked all the positive energy out of me and injected me with constant horror. A little bit more of this, and I would break down. My aura had already grown so thin that Aayla Shaman put immense efforts to restore it.

But even this was not enough. To make sure the spirits of the Underworld leave me once and for all, Aayla Shaman chose an individual protective amulet for me (read more about amulets here), and inhabited it with one of her most powerful helping spirits. Now it protects me reliably from any evil.

Ever since that day, my life has changed dramatically. Now I’m not losing my mind anymore, thinking about how to overcome the fear of death. I got rid of constant fear and anxiety. And day after day I thank the higher powers for the happiness that was again granted to me — the harmony of the body and mind. It would be impossible, if not for Aayla Shaman appearing in my life.

Shamans against Phobias

When the spirits of fear and phobia choose their victim, they do not take into account either their status, financial situation, gender or age. They can attack even at night, when a person is sleeping.

There is zero chance to control this process, unless you know how to travel in the ethereal plane. You just can wake up one morning with a phobia or fear, without even understanding where it came from.

The most important thing then is to ask for help in a timely manner. If you get to experience obsessive disorder and periodical panic attacks, and you don’t know how to overcome the fear of death, make sure to consult a shaman for detailed advice.

If it suddenly turns out that you were possessed by the spirits of the Underworld, a special ritual needs to be performed to expel them. To fully restore your energy and protect you from further supernatural attacks, Aayla Shaman will pick up an individual Object of Power for you. It will safeguard you from any misfortune, making your life peaceful and happy.

To protect yourself from the spirits of the Lower World, make sure to attend our seminars, group classes in your city, and do all the practices recommended by Aayla Shaman!

We are waiting for you and will definitely help you all!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.