International Women’s Day for Peace: How women can unite

Aayla Shaman
5 min readOct 24, 2020


International Women’s Day for Peace

On October 25th International Women’s Day for Peace is celebrated across the globe, calling on all women to stand up against wars, conflicts, economic crises and destruction. Aayla Shaman calls on all of us to unite because this is the only way we can bring peace and happiness back into our hearts.

A woman is the center of creative energy

The origin of life is sacral and one of the most important events on Earth. Our ancestors deified the feminine nature and linked a woman’s spirituality and health to the prosperity of the whole family. If we go back into history, we can see examples of deification of women in Christianity, Judaism and Oriental cults. Siberian shamanism that considers the image of the goddess Umai, mother of all living things, central is not an exception. A woman is inextricably linked to the world of spirits and the Earth. Her wisdom will determine how she will use the gifts received — towards the birth of healthy children, career and business development of her husband, spiritual formation or restoration of harmony throughout the world.

The power of shamanic seminars

Our modern but still largely patriarchal society considers the primary task of a woman to provide care for the whole family and only then get an education and build a career. Is that right? Although we live in a modern society, most of us believe that a woman’s main task is to take care of her household. Shamanism extends her role far beyond family and home. According to an ancient tradition, every woman’s womb is a huge source of energy which should be directed to self-development, charity and assistance to those in need. The family is only a small part of her life. If a woman gives up her cosmic purpose and mission, her energy becomes destructive for herself and her loved ones. They begin to suffer, get sick and start fighting. Life becomes unbearable and brings only disappointment.

Over the years Aayla shaman has been using her gift to educate and unite women from all over the world. Each seminar is designed to remind us that women are the life, birth and the center of a huge creative energy. That is why all changes in the world begin with us, my dear ladies. We sow life, joy and love and help family traditions to take root. We save the world from violence and malice.

How the Dark Forces Penetrate into our life

Wars, conflicts, economic crises, destruction and natural disasters will not occur on Earth if the women of the planet live in harmony with their energy.

Each of us may be scared of being responsible for her family, lineage and the entire planet. However, when a wise mentor and our spiritual sisters from all over the Earth support us, such fears disappear. Every step towards self-improvement makes you more confident and stronger and brings you closer to fulfilling your true purpose. So do not forget, my dears, that our strength is in unity and support of one another.

“Field of Love” Prayer

The twentieth century is filled with pain and bloodshed. We have survived two full-scale wars and many local clashes. Someone has lost a son, someone has lost a husband and someone has lost a father. Many girls and women were subjected to physical and psychological violence, coercion and humiliation. How to stop this madness? Only by showing love. The year 2020 is crucial for humanity. Will it be able to withstand nature, cataclysms and constant military confrontations? If we, as women, show our Higher Predestination this year, we will save the world and make it more harmonious and creative.

Before joining the sacral “Field of Love” circle, each girl must go through several stages of purification — get rid of family and karmic pain that blocks energy, learn the basics of shamanism and gain experience in working with spiritual practices. Group lessons and visits to the Places of Power allow you to pass these stages with ease and become a full participant in the prayer circle.

Aayla Shaman speaks about the Field of Love prayer

A Life Story

Several years ago, Aayla shaman came to a training seminar with students and other mentors in Europe. The day was full of events, meetings, questions and consultations. The only thing that overshadowed it was strong anxiety and concern.

At that time a tsunami was approaching the coastal zone of Mexico. As a result of several earthquakes some people were injured. Everybody was rushing around, and everything was filled with negative energy of fear, loss and despair. Scientists predicted the strengthening of the elements and that the tsunami would move to the North towards the US. This meant a terrible development of the situation and foretold a truly large-scale disaster. Even greater destruction than that in New Orleans earlier was in store for people. At that time, millions of people were left homeless.

Despite the huge distance Aayla shaman and her students decided to help. They got together and joined in a “Field of Love” circle, directing the creative energy to fight the deadly tsunami. Aayla asked the spirits of the tsunami and the ocean to spare people. The group spent almost the entire day praying. Girls from other cities joined them. Something inexplicable began to happen! The tsunami was weakening with every minute, becoming quieter and finally disappeared only with the first rays of the morning sun. What is it — a miracle or the nature of the elements, you may ask. It is a huge force of creative energy. The more women are in the circle, the more they pray all over the world, the more real help and influence they have.

If this text has touched you and you also want to become part of our great shamanic family, to cure yourself of family and karmic traumas, to direct all your energy to peace, happiness and well-being, then make sure to come to us. To do this, follow the link and register for Aayla Shaman workshops. Change your life and the world around you, allow yourself and your loved ones to feel joy and find harmony in life.

The power of a living shaman tambourine is calling you to the Places of Power! Do not waste your time, it is time to act. Tranсe practices, flights to other worlds, contacts with ancient civilizations and the discovery of predestination — all this awaits you at the next workshop by Aayla shaman.
Be with the Force, be in the Place of Power!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.