Shamanic Prediction for Germany for 2020

Aayla Shaman
6 min readJan 11, 2020

Aayla shaman speaks about what awaits the country and its people in the coming year

Every time we start a new year, we wonder what it will be like. After all, not everything depends on us. But if we know what to pay attention to, we will be able to achieve real success in any endeavors, become happy, successful and rich. Aayla shaman gives us the opportunity to get an accurate prediction of what awaits Germany in 2020.

Under the Saturn sign

First of all, it is worth paying focused attention to the fact that Germany will be attracting quite tough but very useful energy this year. This is because this is the last year Saturn is in Capricorn, and Germany is under its direct patronage.

Such arrangement of the planets gives a powerful push to create new strong traditions, as well as forcing go reconsider the old ones and make significant changes.

Saturn always controls the situation. This is why all events follow in strict order, traditions are carefully observed.

But it becomes irrelevant in today’s world. Strict adherence to traditions gradually began to limit people. They have emotional blocks in all spheres of life. They are manifested through quarrels, conflicts, misunderstanding. That is why it is so important to lay down a new program and change the rules and traditions that dominate your life radically in 2020.

You can become a founder of new traditions in the circle of your family, or at work, if you have your own business. New rules will take into account the creative energy, individuality of your loved ones, will develop and enhance the emotional abilities of people in every way.

Rule №1: Power of nature

You need to walk a lot in the fresh air, attend shamanic seminars and retreats regularly for the new canons of happy life to appear in your destiny.

If you try, this powerful tradition will appear in your family and give a strong push to the development for the next 30 years.

Rule №2: new corporate rules

If you own a company and dream of its prosperity, then you just need to review the old traditions and lay down a new development program. And you should consider that the right corporate traditions do not mean periodic beer parties with Bavarian sausages and schnapps.

On the contrary, it should be emotional events that will unite your team and set it up to work harmoniously in a friendly and happy team. These can be special training sessions where people develop their supernatural abilities, visit the Places of Power. And Aayla shaman will help each participant to unlock their full potential.

Rule №3: do lay your dreams on the shelf

And if you have thought about your predestination at least once, you should do everything possible to realize it this year. And also, structure your life clearly. If your dream is to lose weight, then you will make an effort to fulfill that dream. And Saturn will support you. You can change your diet, cleanse your body — all of this will help you take a step toward self-realization and make you a completely different person. All these structural changes need to be put in place in 2020 (it is good, if you’ve done it before Winter Solstice Day).

Rule №4: Use creative energy

At the same time, do not forget to invest your creative energy in each of your actions, in each attempt. It is not easy, but it will be transmitted by the Universe, and it should be managed properly.

The energy of creativity and transformation will help you reach success.

If you can develop your creative abilities and prepare your body to receive this energy in 2020, the next 30 years will be an era of success for you. You will show fantastic achievements in creativity, you will become the founder of unique important traditions in your family, you will put the relationships with your partner and colleagues in harmony.

Karen, Berlin:

“I’ve achieved nothing extraordinary by the age of 30. Although, when I finished school, I had almost maximum grades in all subjects and the road to prestigious universities was open to me.

But the rapid first love, pregnancy, and then betrayal of the loved one cast a long shadow on my plans for the future. I occasionally earned a living somewhere, but had no permanent income.

And then one day I ran into my classmate Saima in the street. I would never recognize her. She used to be one of the toughest girls in our class with a bunch of bad habits and the worst grades.

She’s the one who called me out in the street. I looked and couldn’t believe my eyes.

Is that gorgeously dressed respectable lady and rowdy Saima the same person?

Turns out that’s what happens. After high school, Saima took the downward path. And it led her to trouble with the law. But she was lucky to get to Aayla shaman’s seminar. And it changed her whole life. And then mine.

Saima took me to Aayla shaman’s seminar, and I realized a lot of things in life had passed by me. Anyone can find their predestination and be a happy person. That day, Aayla shaman shared her prediction for the year ahead and advised me to follow special recommendations. And that’s when I realized I didn’t know anything about life. But I really want to be happy. And so I decided to do everything I could to follow her recommendations.

I wanted to know why my life was like that, why I became a loser. And I signed up for an individual consultation. Aayla shaman did a full diagnostic of my destiny, my past life, my entire lineage and identified all the reasons. It took several rituals to overcome all the difficulties and destroy all the blocks. And a protective amulet with a strong good spirit became my constant guardian.

I started to attend all shamanic events and realized that life is multifaceted and interesting. Aayla shaman opened more and more horizons for me. I made a lot of friends and met like-minded people. And all of a sudden, I started… singing!

At one of my classes I was lucky to meet a vocal teacher, and she noticed my vocal abilities. And here we go! Now I’m already a pretty famous jazz singer.

The fame came to me after participating in a famous vocal TV show.

I started to earn good money, but the main thing that my business brings me happiness and joy!

Aayla shaman helped me unlock my potential. I became a creative personality, a successful and happy person, and all my hardships are in the past.”

Germany can change the world order, world traditions and habits, and become the main trendsetter of lifestyle in 2020. After all, it is under the caring patronage of Saturn and this gives the country a huge advantage. The whole world community is looking up to you, and that is why you should create! Attend the seminars! Address the spirits of your amulets! Lay down new traditions and send emails to Aayla shaman. She will tell you the right decisions!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.