Shrove Monday: Let’s purify and fill the body with positive energy

Aayla Shaman
5 min readFeb 25, 2020

Aayla Shaman talks about the benefits of fasting

Fasting is not a fashion statement and not a super-diet. It is a special time when people can be filled with positive energy and purify ourselves of negativity. Aayla Shaman will tell you about the concept of the Shrove Monday and how to spend fasting time properly.

Elsa, Berlin:

“Since my childhood my mother had always been fasting and preparing for religious holidays. It was not allowed to eat meat, shout, swear and sort things out in our house at this time. Then I thought that it was ridiculous. But when I went to a seminar in Berlin, I realized the real value of this ancient tradition. Aayla Shaman explained, why fasting is especially important for each person today and how it is connected with our energy. It was as if the scales have fallen from my eyes.

I came to the seminar for help. I had troubles in my personal life. The work did not bring any joy, I snapped and shouted at my child and the colleagues.

It was like a lump of anger, resentment and envy inside me…

And then I used to comfort eat my failures in the evenings. Ice cream, chips, chocolates … I kept on eating and could not get enough.

Aayla Shaman carried out the karmic cleansing, but then she said that I had to help myself too. She advised me to reconsider my diet and also gave several advices on the spiritual practices during fasting. I admit, it was really hard. But the group work and the support of my tutor bore fruit. I became calm and lost weight. Classes and meditation helped me to relieve stress, I stopped snapping at everyone around and found my true love.

Only then I realized why my mother was always so equable and kind.

Her emotions have always been in harmony. At that, she did not know anything about shamanism!

Aayla Shaman taught me how to deal with my weaknesses. I watch what I eat, keep a fast regularly, strictly limit the communication with people who can take me down, do the spiritual practices and devote time to my daughter and charity. I feel rebooted and happy.”

The beginning of the spiritual path

Spiritual and physical self-improvement always take center stage in every religion of the world. The tradition obliges a person to cleanse the inner world of filth and evil, so that they could give way to positive energy and goodness.

Shrove Monday is a symbolic beginning of self-help in a period of great holidays and the Lent.

At the seminars Aayla Shaman talks about the amazing intercrossing of world religions and ancient traditions with cosmic energy, which is applied to holidays and fasts. It is not a mere coincidence that their dates match and appear in the religious calendar. It is the special time, when a powerful flow of cosmic energy is sent to the earth. But are we prepared to get this cosmic energy?

In today’s world people are heavily overloaded with negativity, stress and the endless stream of information, which is not always positive.

This burden makes it difficult to receive cosmic energy and use it for self-development and self-improvement.

That’s why it is necessary to prepare the soul and body, pay attention to nutrition, reflect upon your destiny and meaning of life, and purify the body and soul. Fasting was given to us so that we could learn how to control our energies.

What to eat on Shrove Monday

The fasting starts before many religious holidays, and the date of its beginning usually falls on Monday. Fasting usually means a food rationing or getting it at a certain time of the day, also an important point is the rejection of animal source foods and eating only vegetables.

Shrove Monday is a special time, in relation to the possibilities of cleansing, health improvement and healing of the body. At seminars, Aayla Shaman pays much attention to diet, saying that each food item contains different energy vibrations. Animal source products, such as meat or fish, have more severe vibrations, whereas in contrast plant food has lighter ones.

During meals, we get the energy of the food stuff along with physical saturation.

During spiritual practices, rituals and fasts, it is important to abandon completely the rough protein foods and not overload the body with food at all. Only plant foods with low vibrations will help to receive messages from above.

Many students are surprised when in group or individual classes, the Aayla Shaman touches on themes of nutrition and asks such questions as: “What do you prefer to eat? What is on your table, when you feel depressed?” Such questions are neither curiosity nor random event, but the opportunity to help people to reconsider their diet and spiritual condition.

Observe yourself, think of what you want to eat being under stress? Or vice versa, when you feel good and happy?

Remove one food item from your diet and check your emotions.

Watch the way in which the mental and physical body react to changes in nutrition. We are sure that astounding revelations await you. For example, you will become calmer and more equable during deadlines and intense stress without meat.

By choosing your own unique diet correctly, you can control your mood, be able to build the present and the future!

Filling a child’s body with cosmic energy

Do not forget about the effect of light and heavy foods on children’s health. It is important to study and select a diet for your baby carefully since childhood. To a greater extent the nature of the power, either creative or destructive, that will fill a child, depends on the adult.

The proper and wholesome nutrition can solve problems with studies, health, mood swings, etc. And it is not some kind of a publicity stunt, but a reliable fact!

However, the worst evil is contained in unnatural sweets, fizzy drinks and various snacks.

After removing them from the diet, the baby becomes more calm and reasonable, learns and remembers better, and enjoys sports with pleasure. Irritability and tantrums give way to peace of mind and goodwill.

But what can substitute sweets? Aayla Shaman advises to reduce the use of unnatural sweets over time and offer natural products. For example, various nuts (almonds, peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, etc.), dried fruits, honey and fresh fruits.

During fasting, human energy is not only cleansed, but also filled with healthful and positive cosmic power. Bring goodness and love to this world, leave negativity in the past! The seminars of Aayla Shaman will help you. Sign up!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.