Spring Equinox: we use this special period with the strongest energy to fulfill our most cherished desires

Aayla Shaman
6 min readMar 20, 2020

We program ourselves for success and luck throughout the year

Aayla Shaman shares special rituals that will help you find your predestination, achieve financial prosperity, and find happiness in your personal life.

Spring Equinox: welcome this special day according to the rules of energy, charging you for success

The tradition of celebrating the New Year differs in different countries and religions. But the real New Year (from the astrological point of view) begins on the day of the Spring Equinox. Aayla Shaman notes that this is the time of the new beginning, the revival of energy, natural forces and life itself.

Therefore, what the whole year will be like depends on you. Spend the Spring Equinox correctly, so that you don’t have any problems during the remaining months of the year.

A unique energetically charged day can help you achieve success in a variety of areas.

But this requires special knowledge. So, we program our destiny for success in the coming year. Aayla Shaman gives secret recommendations to everyone who is ready to change their life for the better.

1. Sum up the results of the outgoing period.

To do this, use a simple sheet of paper, dividing it into 2 columns. Put all the good things that happened to you in the first column. And in the other one — all the negative events. Aayla Shaman notes that it is important to sincerely thank God for everything, including the troubles. After all, these are life stages and lessons that will help you avoid more serious problems in the future. They gave you what you have now.

The spring equinox is a good day to boost its energy with a personal talisman. If you do not have it yet, you can buy an amulet at one of Aayla Shaman’s seminars or during an individual consultation. The energy of the talisman strengthens thoughts and aspirations manifold.

With the talisman in your hands, ask the coming year to continue all the good that you have. And to leave the negative in the past.

Burn the paper and scatter the ashes. With them, all the bad things in your life will go away and stop bothering you.

2. Spring Equinox: preparing the body.

We ourselves must be prepared in a special way. The day before, you need to take a bath with 3 handfuls of special black salt. Aayla Shaman prepares it once a year on Holy Thursday. If there is no such salt, use usual salt. It is also good to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the bath. It can be lavender, fir, citrus, vanilla — all that you love most.

Choose an invigorating fragrance or soothing effect at your discretion.

It is great to help purify the body with special vibrations of music and fire. Place candles in the bathroom and turn on a pleasant meditative melody. You will literally feel relief in every cell of your body. Tension and pain will go away, every muscle will be filled with energy. The cells will start to renew faster. You will come out of the bathroom radiant and light. In this state you should welcome the Spring Equinox.

3. Dance to harmonize the space and ourselves in it.

Aayla Shaman always talks about the important role of dance, which she teaches in group classes and field seminars. It tunes you in to the desired wavelength, helps you to strengthen the energy. Surrender to the free movements, dance with love for yourself. Powerful positive energy will flow into the house and fill the surrounding space.

A special ritual dance helps to literally reset the mind, soul, body, remove negative thoughts and bring what is missing into your life.

Warm light from candles and the sound of shamanic instruments will help create a special atmosphere. If you have already attended our seminars, you have heard deep and fascinating sounds. They literally transform, purify, fill you with energy and power to change your destiny. The spring Equinox is a time of important life changes that you are striving for.

Family curse

Our student Amelia didn’t believe in omens, let alone curses. But the stories of the talented women in her family made her think…

Amelia’s grandmother, who had a wonderful voice, lost it for no apparent reason before an important performance. It seemed that the grandmother’s talent was passed on to all members of the family. Amelia’s uncles were creative, endowed with perfect pitch. But they chose a rather non-creative profession. Amelia’s mother also lost the opportunity to make a musical career in her early youth. A serious illness damaged her joints, and she had to forget about playing the piano.

That’s why, after learning that Amelia had entered the Art department, my mother began to dissuade her from that in all ways.

Everyone in their family who came into contact with art had their destiny ruined by diseases.

So Amelia became a manager. But in this area, too, she was not lucky. Firms that the girl got a job in got closed down or became bankrupt. The woman developed neurosis and had nightmares at night. What could be done? Aayla Shaman accepted a new disciple when she was already on the verge of despair.

Group classes helped Amelia to recover. An individual amulet helped to cope with life’s difficulties. At an individual consultation, Aayla Shaman revealed the terrible secret of Amelia’s lineage. It turned out that her great-grandmother had terribly offended a talented musician. He cursed the entire family, wishing no one to experience the joy of creativity.

Many powerful rites had to be performed to remove the curse from Amelia and her family.

And in the end, Amelia had to perform an important ritual herself. To do this, they chose the Spring Equinox — the most charged day of the year. She performed the cleansing the home, body, soul and thoughts, and then she had the most important and strong desire, just one. Amelia wanted to be a creative person.

And so the miracles began to happen very soon. One of Amelia’s paintings hung in her last workplace. It was noticed by a well-known gallery owner and art critic. After seeing other paintings made by the girl, he suggested that she organize an exhibition. Now Amelia has finally realized her creativity and is doing what she loves. Every six months, she holds exhibitions, gives interviews to the most famous publications, and has forgotten about depression and nightmares. An important ritual that was performed on the Spring Equinox helped change her life.

Are you ready for a major change in your life? Then remember the tips that Aayla Shaman generously shared. Use the magic of energy-filled days to bring your most incredible desires to life. Aayla Shaman will help to perform a special ritual, she will choose for you an individual object of Power that will protect you and all your family from trouble and misfortunes. Sign up for seminars and come to group classes!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.