The year of the greatest deception: do not believe the rumors!

Aayla Shaman
6 min readJun 27, 2020

Aayla shaman speaks about the Good and the Evil

We live in era of information technology. The information around us is not always helpful, sometimes it is full of lies, intrigue and deception. How to distinguish falsehood from fact? Slander from truth? It is so easy to succumb to the words of deceivers and swindlers…

Such a tough choice

We make it every day, sometimes even without paying attention. The choice can be crucial. Sometimes it can also be unobvious, sometimes it seems trifling, but it can radically affect our or someone else’s fate after some time.

Should I take a banana or cookie for a snack? Should I go to a bar or to yoga class after work on Friday? The answer may be rather obvious. It is very difficult to overcome your internal debate and to make the only one right choice! Aayla shaman claims that the greatest success consist of small steps.

It is most difficult to fight with such small temptations daily.

What if your choice concerns the circumstances that can significantly affect your life or fate… Or the agony of ethical choice? Choosing the right direction can be very difficult.

When diffidence and doubts hinder your development, it will be useful for you to turn on your internal rationalism and criticism. Perhaps people fling mud at someone or begin to air dirty laundry. Everyone knows that those who are nothing very much are unlikely to be the objects of gossip. People usually talk about and condemn the most prominent, successful, talented people, they envy them and spread rumors about them.

Everyone has spiteful critics: both your neighbor and the Pope.

It is much more important what you think about all this and how close you take everything to your heart. For example, what will you think when you read in the media or see on TV news release about the suspicious actions of a person or organization. A famous leader, coach, tutor may be easily slandered or accused of inappropriate behavior. Should we believe such accusations?

Haters of the Good

Let’s pay attention not to modern figures, but to historical facts. Jesus Christ, Osho, Buddha and many of their followers, healers, saints were persecuted in different eras. They suffered martyrdom from torture and they were faggoted in the Middle Ages.

Every alternative person is criticized, misunderstood and persecuted sooner or later.

Because this person differs from ordinary people by their behavior, actions, thoughts. They can not be understood and therefore they are considered dangerous.

Even Aayla shaman was accused in a strange and ridiculous things many times. It’s not the European or American media that spread that slander. The residents of third world countries throw the stones. Aayla shaman and her students have faced most unbelievable accusations. Someone fabricated that we fly on brooms in shaman groups! Can you imagine?! This is in the modern world where a plane has become one of the most popular means of transportation!

It is most striking that even smart Internet users, people with higher education believe in such nonsense.

They are influenced by the most primitive methods of manipulation. Why does this happen? Aayla shaman sadly notes an increase in the number of different haters. They have nothing sacred. They rig disgusting scandals to famous talented people, they charge ordinary people with espionage or fraud. The true scammers do their dirty work without any obstacles at that moment.

Stars decide

As it happens, the behavior of people and all the events on the planet are very strongly influenced by celestial bodies. Stars and planets aligned in a special pattern in 2020. This time will become crucial for everyone. Society is undergoing a revision of values, testing for true and false, the ability to distinguish the genuine from fiction. Aayla shaman believes that each of us will have to pass this exam to test our conscience and fortitude.

This trend was noticed not only by astrologers, but also by experts in a wide variety of fields: from education and psychological practice to the economic and political sphere of activity.

By the way, those who live an unrighteous lifestyle will be more active than the rest. Fraudsters and swindlers of all stripes will activate.

The time of haters, fighters with the “sectarians” will come soon. That’s who hold the real covens

Every time you make a choice between indifference and help, between playing sports or watching a movie, just imagine that you have to determine the fate of the whole world, but not your little problems. The choice can be so difficult! Why?

The reason is that the media received active support from the state and gained unchallenged power over our thoughts and actions. With the help of constant propaganda they try to confuse us, convince and scare. We are told: “Think only of yourself. Mercy is for losers. We live only once.” And that leads us astray.

Is it worth being led by the mass hysteria, becoming infected with mass psychosis? Is it possible to resist this information attack? It is possible. To achieve this, you should learn to think logically, to make the right choice and to turn off feelings and emotions when you need it.

Grant me the gift of life

Aayla shaman is often asked: “What will happen if the person goes with the flow, believes in rumors and jumps on the side of Evil?”. The outcome will be the saddest in that situation. Such stories have already happened.

One day, a woman came to the seminar of Aayla shaman for help. Her father had paralytic stroke. He turned from a peppy old gentleman into a miserable weak old man. Ingrid (name changed) asked Aayla shaman for healing. She was the woman’s last hope. Doctors unanimously made unfavorable prognosis.

Aayla shaman held a round prayer Field of Love. Her students and all indifferent people wholeheartedly prayed to the Universe and the spirits for the recovery of Ingrid’s father.

A real miracle happened! First, his left hand started moving..

Everyone was very happy and people continued their prayers. Ingrid also participated in complex individual rituals held by Aayla shaman that time. The special talisman of Power was created for her father.

Once, Ingrid read a fake article about Aayla shaman, written by haters in the Internet. Surely, we found out who was the owner of this article.

However, doubts have already settled in the woman’s soul and she stopped believing.

Ingrid decided that the help of Aayla shaman would harm her father and stopped attending seminars, rejected the help and refused to keep in touch.

Ingrid flatly refused the divine help of the Universe, her soul and mind were in the power of the Dark Forces. Her father got worse again. The woman did not take the chance to save her close person. She believed not her eyes and facts, but crazy gossip. In view of this, it is very important to trust your own intuition and your heart.

Aayla shaman calls on everyone to be honest with yourself, to help those you love and to clear your minds of dirt, slander, negative information.

The Good and Love will take power over the world. There will be far fewer bad people and news then.

Hope, Love, Care and Faith will live in the hearts of people and will bring happiness, success and harmony to their lives.

Let us help the Forces of the Universe to defeat the Evil! Take part in round prayers, group events, and online classes with Aayla shaman. Attend seminars in the Places of Power, especially those held on special astrological dates, such as the summer solstice. Do not forget about the main thing: by helping people, you increase the Good, which will return to you with prosperity, good luck and health!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.