Why do you start seeing dead relatives in your dreams: says Aayla Shaman

Aayla Shaman
5 min readAug 8, 2020

What can such dreams signal about?

Why do long dead relatives suddenly start visiting our dreams? Maybe they ask us for something or want to help, or they warn about important events in our destiny? Aayla Shaman tells us how to interpret such dreams and whether we should consider them a bad omen.

What does seeing dead relatives in our dreams mean?

Shamans know that the souls of dead relatives go to the Lower World, but continue to keep in touch with their living family members even after generations. They take their place at the very roots of the family tree and see everything that happens and will happen to the members of the family.

Especially if you had a close warm relationship with a deceased relative during your life, they will try not to lose contact with you and help you even after their death. Aayla’s Shaman says it’s the best connection in the heart.

A living person receives strong help and powerful energy support from the Lower World in this way.

There are times when we see relatives in our dream particularly often. So why does it happen?

In anticipation of key events

You should know that the worlds of the living and the dead are closely connected. Usually dead relatives appear in oour dreams to transmit important information. They can protect against deadly danger or warn against careless decisions.

Such news from another world can be embodied in different ways. They can be direct hints and sufficiently bright visions or symbolic images. Sometimes it is enough to listen to your inner intuition to unravel such messages. But sometimes it is better to consult a shaman.

Aayla Shaman talks to the deceased family members to find out exactly why they come to you in your dreams during a special ritual.

Unsettled spirits of ancestors

Seeing deceased relatives in dreams is not always an indicator that you are under the strong protection of your lineage. Nowadays, ties between relatives are weakening. We know less and less about the history of our lineage. During a difficult period of life we can put old photos away or sell a family heirloom, such as a great-grandmother’s ring.

All this worries the deceased relatives. They see the breakdown of family ties and start coming in our dreams.

Often we are not attentive to requests from our parents, grandparents or grandparents. We haven’t done something we promised, and forgot about it. Then do not be surprised if a deceased relative begins to come oftener and oftener in your dreams and ask, remind to do something specific.

There are many reasons that may disturb the spirit of the deceased relative. Try to think well, listen to your inner voice and understand what the soul wants from you. Then you will find answer to the question of why deceased relatives often come to your dreams. The soul will be free from earthly concerns and will be calm.

Demons of the Lower World

There are other kinds of dreams. In them the deceased relative frightens, harms the one who dreams or his family members. This indicates that during the life this family member was a black sorcerer, had a strong negative energy, demons lives in him.

Unsettled for some reason or because of a wrong funeral ritual relatives can also harm you. Their goal is to pull the vital forces of a living person and take them into their world. Such guests in your dreams are very dangerous.

They can lead to madness, illness and even suicide. Therefore, in such cases, you should seek help from a shaman as soon as possible.

Aayla Shaman will tell you exactly how to release the spirit of a relative from the demonic power that has mastered them, and calm them down. Sign up for group seminars in your city to prevent possible disasters, to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Inga, Cologne:

“I suddenly made the decision to move and change job at 40! It was difficult to break down and leave my circle of contacts, familiar places. But the salary and the job were very tempting. Nobody refuses such offers. I made up my mind! I have already rented an apartment in the city of my dreams and began to load the most necessary things in my car.

These days, my dreams became disturbing: I started seeing my grandmother in my dreams. She was literally my second mother and girlfriend. All my life we had the closest and most cordial relationship. After her death, I was very sad and always remembered her.

In my dream, my grandmother cried and told me to take my time with my departure.

No, she did not condemn my move, but only asked me to wait until the cherries at our house bloomed. I was puzzled …

I couldn’t stop thinking, “Why do dead relatives often come to my dream?” A good friend helped me clear my doubts. At the time she had just begun to attend real shamanic seminars and was just delighted with the information and knowledge she was receiving there. I went with her to one of the group classes.

Aayla Shaman felt my inner anxiety immediately and conducted a special ritual. We turned to the spirit of my dead grandmother and asked what she wanted, what was troubling her. It turned out that my grandmother was protecting me from imminent death.

The departure was rescheduled, and I waited anxiously. One night I was watching the news just the day I was planning to go.

The news showed a terrible accident at the highway. A lot of people got hurt. It could have been me…

Spring was in full swing. My grandmother’s favorite cherry tree blossomed under the window. I finished packing and left. I never thought that a strange dream and Grandma could save my life. If it wasn’t for Aayle Shaman, I’d take the dream as just an internal disturbance. Thank you to Aayla and Grandma, who was just a guardian angel to me!”

Also, Aayla Shaman recommends getting support of a special amulet. It will provide additional protection from the restless spirit of the deceased person and break the bond with them. You can purchase this mascot at a group session or seminar. And be sure to read the book “After Death”, which answers many questions about the world of the dead and its connection with the world of the living.

Come and make good contacts with the dead, gain their support and help your lineage become prosperous and successful in all endeavors!



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.