Why does a person lose vital energy?

Aayla Shaman
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How to refill energy with the help of shamanic rituals?

Energy is the greatest value in today’s world. The biggest human problem is that this resource may exhaust. High-quality happy and successful life is impossible if you are devastated energetically. That is why many people are looking for their source of power and inspiration. Some look for it in a career, others — in a family, still others — in self-understanding and self search. The world is so complicated that sometimes we get lost on the way and cannot find the answer to the main question “Where does the energy disappear?” In Siberian shamanism life energy makes a person strong, rich, loved and confident. Its loss leads to the spiritual and financial abyss. Aayla Shaman will help to understand the situation and share the reasons why a person loses energy.

Alexandra, Berlin:

“I never believed in energy vampires until I came face to face with one. My boss is a very powerful and tough man. Employees are afraid to demure him and even look at him. Everyone knows that if he is in a bad mood, it is better not to deal with him. Unfortunately, I did not understand what he was like right away. For a whole month he was mocking me, finding faults with everything from the color of nail polish on my hands to my tone when I answered him. I was afraid to lose my job, so I considered all the comments in full obedience. But my body began to give away. I suffered from headaches, weakness, and insomnia. Doctors could not find the reason for it. Aayla Shaman, whom I asked for help, discerned the cause immediately. It was the loss of energy. She told me how to fight with the energy vampire, who was my boss, and picked me a shaman amulet in the form of a bracelet. The next day I did everything as Aayla recommended me. The amulet gave me strength and confidence. I answered the most provocative questions calmly and showed my self-restrain. He was dumbstruck. At first he started screaming, of course, but it was obvious that he had lost his power over me. Since then, he never distracted me by trivia, and if he talked he kept strictly to the point. It is amazing how much power the shamanic bracelet has.

Thoughts on the past and the future

We are almost always deep in our thoughts, remembering the past and what has been done, planning the future or dreaming about something unreal. It is good, if all these events are connected with good thoughts. What if not? They put pressure on you, pull you down and upset you? Conversation with your husband, the situation with your child, problems with your boss… We think it is nothing. They are just thoughts, but in fact our energy melts. Aayla Shaman recommends letting go of heavy thoughts about past events and not to waste your energy on empty and unrealistic dreams. Try to live in the present, paying more time to traditions and family.

Wayward souls of ancestors

The souls of our ancestors eat our potential and energy very much.

According to Siberian shamanism, we are the present of our lineage. We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, and our descendants stand on our shoulders. Accordingly, all the problems our ancestors had, unresolved conflicts in their lives continue to torment them even after death.

It pulls the energy out of us, the living. How do we cope with it? Aayla Shaman recommends saying the Prayer for the Dead.

You can find the prayer on Aayla Shaman’s YouTube channel or email her. We will definitely send you a link to the video where she tells you how to perform the ritual of farewell and to calm the souls of ancestors.

Unfinished business

The problem of many modern people is that they start and do not finish many things. It is necessary to manage everything and not to forget anything. They pop up in our memories and prevent us from taking the next step.

Our dreams, talents, good mood and personal happiness are erased by the haste and incompleteness, our energy is wasted. What to do with is? The solution is simple — to finish what you started!

Yes, it is difficult and scary, but doable. You don’t have to rush to do it quickly. At seminars and group sessions, Aayla Shaman tells you how to manage it with the help of rituals and discover an additional energy resource. Of course, it is better to do it together with a wise mentor in the group. This ritual can be also performed at home.

Shamanic ritual to help you finish all your affairs and release energy

Rub your palms hard to make them hot. While rubbing, think about the thing that is bothering you the most. You might have started to write a book, but it didn’t go any further than 1 chapter? You may find many excuses, both good and not very good.

Close your eyes. Focus on your thoughts and breathing. Put an unfinished affair, for example the book you did not finish, on your left palm. Think about the efforts you have invested and your reasons to write it. Remember yourself starting to write it enthusiastically and what stopped you. Now let’s do a shamanic action. Start tapping on your knee with you right palm. Choose your comfortable rhythm. While tapping, imagine yourself writing the book. Hold your left palm as if you are holding the “book” in the air all this time. Plunge into your thoughts and dreams, imagine that you write page after page and finish the book. Feel the joy of the completed work. Imagine yourself solving the problem, handling the book to a publisher and getting enthusiastic feedback as brightly as you can.

Breathe in. Breathe out. The ritual is finished.

How does your left hand feel? Lightness. The energy you invested on the desire to write a book has finally been released. Now nothing prevents you from enjoying life. This way, you can complete all the tasks that have been pressing you for a long time.

Energy Vampires

We are by no means talking about vampires who drink human blood and live in fantastic movies and books. We are talking about human beings who feed on the energy of others. Unfortunately, they may not always realize it. For example, your boss yells at everyone in the morning because he found a bunch of flaws in a perfectly done job. When he saw the humiliated employees, he went to his office proudly. He felt his power. He fed on fear of his employees to lose their jobs. He fed on the energy of other people. Unfortunately, a child can also become an energy vampire.

Manipulations, demands, screams and hysterics are some of the first signs that one should think about his mental health and ask Aayla Shaman for advice. These might be manifestations of an evil spirit.

What to do with people, communication with whom devastates you? The most effective protection against energy vampires is not a silver cross and holy water, but a shaman amulet in the form of a bracelet designed especially for you.

How does it work? For example, you know that you will have to communicate with an energy vampire at work. Remove the bracelet from the hand you usually wear it on and put it on the other hand before entering the room. The spirit of the amulet will immediately understand that it must protect its owner. Amazingly, at this point you will sense as if your body gets filled with energy and strength. How will it influence your behavior? Of course, you don’t turn into a superhuman, but you react to all the attacks of your boss calmly, confidently responding to every mockery or remark. Seeing your calmness, the aggressor quickly sinks from powerlessness. This person will no longer bother you from that moment on. You have received immunity and protection from the vampire.

We live in a time when many stressful and difficult situations take our energy and resources. It is not always you are able to cope with it on your own, so we look for support and help. Aayla Shaman recommends refilling your energy in the Place of Power, receive it during seminars and the “Field of Love” prayer, and obtain it through shamanic amulets. Take care of yourself and learn to refill your personal energy through ancient shamanic rituals.



Aayla Shaman

The Siberian Shaman Aayla is an expert in working with cosmic energy. In 2012 Aayla Shaman founded the international school “Shaman”.